Davies apologises to Cleverley

Bolton striker Kevin Davies has apologised to Tom Cleverley and does not believe there is any lasting grudge.

Bolton striker said sorry when he learnt of United midfielder's injury

Bolton striker Kevin Davies has apologised to Tom Cleverley and does not believe there is any lasting grudge over the challenge which left the Manchester United midfielder with damaged ankle ligaments. Davies' wife, Emma, has already defended her husband after he became the target of fans' fury for leaving Cleverley facing an estimated four weeks of injury rehabilitation. The United midfielder's lay-off is not as bad as first feared, but Davies has still been criticised for not immediately saying sorry for the challenge, which did not result in a booking. However, Davies, who later earned his 99th Premier League caution for a foul on Patrice Evra, did speak to Cleverley on Saturday night after he learnt of the injury and he does not think there is any ill-feeling from the 22-year-old. He told Sky Sports News: "I spoke to Tom Cleverley, because I was made to believe he had got a fracture or something. "I didn't realise after the game, with what was going on with the game, so I put a call in to him and he was fine.

Done and dusted

"I am pleased that there is no serious damage for him. After that, there was a tackle Evra, mistimed, and I got a yellow card which was deserved. "So, for me, I'm not sure what it's all about." In the wake of Bolton's 5-0 defeat to United, a comment on a fake Tom Cleverley Facebook account sparked the anger of fans, but Davies is adamant he was not aware of the injury. He said: "By all accounts he had a fake account saying I didn't offer an apology. But I didn't know. If I had known, of course I would have gone and seen him. "That's why I got his number and put the call in. I actually texted him and he rang me back and said he had seen the tackle and didn't think it was that bad. "So, it's all fine. It's all done and dusted for me. It's a contact sport. It's a derby. I'm trying to do my bit for Bolton to win the game. That's a side of my game. "For me, it's done and we move on."

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