Bogarde reveals Chelsea nightmare

CHELSEA defender Winston Bogarde has revealed more about his nightmare at Stamford Bridge, saying that boss Claudio Ranieri does not even speak to him anymore.

The Dutch international has been desperately looking for a move away from the club ever since it became apparent that he was not in Ranieri's plans.

Despite several attempted transfers, Bogarde is still stuck at Chelsea with no chance of regular football, and is desperate to leave.

"I'm sad to say that the situation for me at Chelsea is exactly the same now as it has been all season - in fact nothing much has improved in almost a year now," Bogarde told

"What hurts me most is that I'm not being given the chance to play football, which is all that I want to do. As a result of not playing it is then making it very difficult for me to find another club.

"I'm very realistic and I know for sure that I am one of the players that Chelsea are looking to get rid of. I've not had any arguments with Claudio Ranieri but it is obvious that he doesn't want me any more. The truth is that I never talk to him and he never talks to me.

"Ranieri just isn't prepared to give me a chance and to be honest I don't think he ever will give me a game now. He's been here more than a year without playing me, so I can't see it happening now.

Bogarde says that although he wants to move from Chelsea, he does not want to drop down and play at a lower lever, but his lack of match fitness is affecting his chances of earning a move.

"My advisers and I have been trying for months to resolve my future - perhaps to get a loan move if not a permanent transfer.

"The truth is that I'm not prepared to drop out of top level football. I want to play at the highest level still, because I know that I'm capable of doing so and I've proved that throughout my career."

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