Drogba - Refs tell me not to dive

Image: Drogba: Expects ref warning

Chelsea striker Didier Drogba admits he expects to be warned not to dive in the Champions League final.

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Chelsea striker Didier Drogba admits he expects to be warned by referee Lubos Michel not to dive in the UEFA Champions League final against Manchester United. The Ivory Coast ace has earned a reputation for his theatrics with Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez accusing him of diving prior to his side's semi-final clash with Chelsea. United defender Nemanja Vidic has also joined the chorus of critics who claim Droga goes to ground too easily and the former Marseille hit-man believes he is being singled out by referees because of his reputation.


"Since I had the misfortune to say that I sometimes dived, because people pushed me and not because of cheating, I get the feeling that people take me for a cheat," said Drogba. "Referees in the Premier League as well as the Champions League come to see me before the matches to tell me 'today, we don't dive, eh'? "Even though I tell them I'm a footballer, not a swimmer, I don't think they listen to me. " Drogba believes Wednesday's showpiece will be decided by small details and he believes Chelsea's fitness could give them the edge. "The result will be down to small details, such as free kicks and physical fitness," added Drogba. "Chelsea have an advantage with the latter as the squad has been regularly rotated.
Trump card
"That is a trump card when it comes to playing a Champions League final. "If we lose it will be a black mark on my career as it will be the first season I've not won a trophy with Chelsea. "But this game does not frighten me. I am used to the big matches."

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