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Agent admits Hughes Blues honour

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Mark Hughes' agent, Kia Joorabchian, says he would be 'honoured' to be approached about the vacant Chelsea post.

Joorabchian says Hughes would be honoured to speak to Chelsea

Mark Hughes' agent, Kia Joorabchian, says the former Fulham boss would be 'honoured' to be approached about the vacant Chelsea post. Hughes left Craven Cottage on Thursday after expressing a desire to fulfil his ambitions elsewhere. Despite being linked to the vacancy at Aston Villa, Hughes has made it clear that he has not been contacted by another club and that his decision to quit Fulham was not 'influenced by any outside party'. That said, Joorabchian says Hughes would be interested in managing his former club Chelsea, for whom he played for three seasons. Asked if Hughes would jump at the chance of being boss of the Blues, Joorabchian told Sky Sports News: "I think you are now talking about big clubs like Chelsea that Mark has aspirations to manage. "But Chelsea clearly, they have some candidates at the moment and we will wait and see. I'm sure that if they approach Mark, then Mark would be more than happy to speak with them, it would probably be an honour for him. "But at the moment, again like I tell you, we have not spoken to any single club or anything. "It (why he left) was first and foremost to determine Mark's future at Fulham and now we have done that he can start to rest a little bit and we'll explore the options in the next few weeks."

Own direction

As regards Villa, Joorabchian, speaking from Buenos Aires, said: "Villa have their own direction, they have to go in their own route, they have to take who they believe is the correct manager for them. "Mark's motivation was - and I hope that today it is clearer with the public - that this was not motivated by any particular job or job that was coming up." He added: "Maybe the timing may have influenced the press and the public to believe that he was heading towards a direction but that was not the case whatsoever. "Mark is contracted, the season finishes theoretically in employment terms at the end of June and he is free to join whichever club he wants to, if there is an offer for him on 1st July." Joorabchian admitted Hughes could go abroad to realise his ambitions. "He wants to go to club where he can fight for titles, whether that is in England, Spain, Italy or Portugal," Joorabchian said. "If that means he has to be out of management for a year then that is the case. "Mark left Fulham because he wanted to explore his aspirations.
Aspiration clear
"Mark made his aspiration clear when he first signed his contract last year. "One of the things that he looked for was to see if Fulham wanted to go to the next level. "If the ambitions didn't align then he didn't think it would be fair to stay in the job if he was looking over his shoulder all the time." He re-iterated that the former Blackburn and Manchester City boss left Fulham purely and simply because he wants to go in a different direction. "He's an ambitious manager - he's young, he's ambitious, he's talented - I think everyone that knows him and all your guests have all said he's done a great job at Blackburn, he did a great job at City," Joorabchian said. "You look at the players he brought into City like Kompany, Lescott, Nigel De Jong, Zabaleta, Barry, Tevez, they're all the players at the moment that got City into the Champions League, they've won the FA Cup, he built a solid fundamental base there when he left. "He's done the same at Fulham. He's spent no money at Fulham - net I think he probably came out even - but he's brought in the likes of Dembele, they sold Konchesky for £4 million and brought Salcido for £1.5 million. "So he's ambitious, he wants to improve on that and he wants to take it to the next level and I think he felt the honourable thing to do was to be honest with Fulham and tell them the truth rather than string them along and be in a job and be looking over your shoulder and looking for something else."

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