Riera demands a transfer

Image: Riera: Liverpool target?

Albert Riera revealed his pent up frustration at Espanyol's poor end to the season by demanding a transfer.

Reported Liverpool target angles after move

Albert Riera revealed his pent up frustration at Espanyol's poor end to the season by demanding a transfer, after hitting out at fans that abused the team and the board for not defending their players. The highly-rated left winger has come in for some strong criticism after being dropped from Ernesto Valverde's team as they won just three out of their final 19 games of the campaign. In recent days Riera has said that the team's form cost him his place in the Spain squad for Euro 2008 and has now spoken out about the barrage of abuse aimed at the team by their own fans last weekend. "I want to leave Espanyol. I do not want to be part of a club that does not take care of or protect its players," he told a press conference. "I do not know if I will go to Liverpool or any other team. I am staying hopeful and I would really like everything sorted out within the next two weeks. "It would be best for everyone concerned because I know that my transfer would clearly be beneficial. I do not want to cause any problems." Espanyol's most vociferous section of fans, the Curva Jove, held up large placards stating that the players should have started their summer holidays rather than play the game against Almeria.


"The things with those banners last Sunday against Almeria was intolerable. All that about the European Championships and going on holiday was very unpleasant and should not have been allowed. "There are some things that should not be allowed and we all know that in certain sections of the ground and with certain sets of fans the board allows almost anything to happen. That is not normal and cannot go on. "I have had enough of all these stories about in-fighting, bad feelings between players and things causing problems. Every time we do not win this comes up. This does not help at all. "The dressing room at Espanyol is just like any other club with good things and bad. Nothing more, nothing less."

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