Hansson reveals death threats

Image: Hansson: Death threats

Martin Hansson has revealed he has been on the end of death threats following his controversial penalty award.

Swedish ref hounded over penalty decision

Martin Hansson has revealed he has been on the end of death threats following the controversial conclusion to Liverpool's clash against Atletico Madrid at Anfield. The Liga outfit had been heading towards a crucial 1-0 success in their UEFA Champions League clash earlier this month only for The Reds to be awarded a last-gasp penalty. Marian Pernia jumped with Steven Gerrard in the box - but it was deemed an illegal manoeuvre by Swedish referee Hansson and his assistant. Gerrard then equalised with virtually the last kick of the game. Atletico thought they should have claimed a famous win at Anfield and clearly one or two individuals have taken a dim view on Hansson's decision by hounding the official.


"I have received death threats. It has been horrible and feels very uncomfortable," he told the Sport-Expressen. "I had enough. The phone ran all the time and I had a great many text messages. I am pretty used to this, but now I've had enough. It has been very threatening. I feel completely fed up, quite simply. "I have always had my mobile phone on and my number has been on the network. Now it no longer works. I'm sad that I can't be as open as I once was. "I have notified the police that there have been threats against my life. But it is difficult for the police to prove."
Battle on
Despite Hansson's off-the-field problems, he has vowed not to walk away from the game like compatriot Anders Frisk. "I know that it is not worth getting upset about it, and I'll keep on refereeing because I like it," he continued. "I want to continue to believe that football can do a lot of good and it would be sad if these dark forces had any influence on me. "I thought about quitting, absolutely, but I have made my decision to continue. But I never considered it (quitting) as much as right now."

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