Torres - City wrong for Kaka

Image: Torres: Advice for Kaka

Liverpool striker Fernando Torres believes it would be a mistake for Kaka to join Manchester City.

Anfield ace issues warning to Brazilian star

Liverpool striker Fernando Torres believes Manchester City would not be the correct club for Brazilian star Kaka. City's billionaire owners have apparently tabled an audacious bid of £108million for the AC Milan playmaker, who is set to receive a reported weekly wage of £500,000 should a deal be reached. But Torres believes City's lack of silverware in recent years should serve as a warning that success will not necessarily follow on the heels of a record-breaking move to Eastlands. "Manchester City is not the right team for Kaka," Torres told the Daily Mail. "Seriously, how can they pay £100million for Kaka?


"Big players want to win trophies and Manchester City is not even in the race for trophies in England. They are fighting to stay in the Premier League, or to get to the middle of the table. "They have to build from there and then go against the biggest clubs and after that, maybe, a top player will join them. "Chelsea were high in the league before they started to sign really big stars. Now everyone wants to play for Chelsea, but they did not when (owner) Roman Abramovich first arrived. They built a strong club and then it happened." The Spaniard added that the staggering sums of money on offer to Kaka should not be the primary motivation for leaving Serie A. "For now, I cannot imagine Kaka playing for Manchester City," he continued.
"It would be a fantastic contract, yes, but there are other things more important than money. A player wants to be remembered for what he has won. "Imagine 10 years after you stop playing, you go back, you look around, you are not in any picture, you have no medals, no trophies; it is like you played for nothing. "You may have a fantastic car, a fantastic home, but what does it matter? "You can have a contract that is better than your friends, but no player looks back and says, 'I won more money'."

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