Bergkamp: Sometimes I hate Wenger

DENNIS BERGKAMP has admitted that the rotation system has caused huge strain on his relationship with Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Bergkamp believes that he should have a place by right when he is in form, and thinks that the manager's reliance on stats is irritating.

"Sometimes I hate my manager," Bergkamp told the News of the World.

"It is just so frustrating not to play when you are fit and in good shape.

"Quite simply, Wenger believes in rotating his top players and I don't.

"And I have told him so many times now that I hate it. And I hate it when I am substituted when I'm playing well.

"I told him, 'Stop it, man, I hate that. I can still do something in the last minute. Let me play the whole 90 minutes'.

"I'm not the kind of guy who is a trouble-maker.

"I proved that when he put me on the bench last season.

"I only told him: 'Boss I'm feeling as strong as iron. Let me play. I can still do a job for you'.

"And halfway through the season, I got my chance and I showed him. That gave me a tremendous kick.

"I was back as first choice again and Wenger could no longer keep me on the bench.

"But even then he started substituting me after an hour or with 15 minutes still to go.

"I had a lot of talks with him. I have told him that I don't agree with him so many times now.

"He came up with statistics and said to me, 'Look Dennis, after 70 minutes you always play badly and you are not as fast'. But I get so tired of Wenger and his statistics."

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