Adebayor adds to confusion

Image: Adebayor: More uncertainty

Emmanuel Adebayor has issued mixed messages with regards his Arsenal future.

Striker gives different responses to Milan query

Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor has given conflicting messages over his future as he pledged to stay with the club at midday, before just over an hour later, in an interview with Sky Sports News, conceding he could yet still sign for Milan. The assembled press must have thought Adebayor was set for a stay at Emirates Stadium after his press conference, but when quizzed later on whether there was any chance of a move to Milan he replied: "Nothing has been decided yet. We will decide next week." Togo international Adebayor has been the subject of fevered speculation all summer, with Milan having declared their interest in bringing him to Italy. Arsenal have remained tight-lipped on the player's future but now Adebayor has come out to comment on his situation in North London; albeit with sentiments that will likely confuse all parties. On Thursday, super agent Vincenzo Morabito stated that the forward was '80 per cent certain' of joining Milan but this prediction appeared to be somewhat ill-founded, at least when Adebayor spoke at a press conference. He said: "I have three more years with Arsenal, I have a good team there, I have a good contract. "The most important thing is to keep enjoying myself. Of course (I am staying) I have three more years.

United front

"You can see people changing clubs because of money, because they want a change of atmosphere or to get their names in the big leagues. I just play football to enjoy myself. I play because I love it. "We all have the same ideas and we all want to achieve something. We have a good boss which is Arsene Wenger, he tries to bring this atmosphere to the dressing room where we feel like brothers and like family. "Those are the reasons that give us a chance to play the football we play. We play good football, now we look forward to winning trophies."
Adebayor's comments would likely have been well received in the capital but later, in a one-on-one interview with Sky Sports, the player was considerably more ambiguous with regards his future. "I am a footballer, I have a three-year contract at Arsenal but as you know, a lot of clubs are interested in me," he told Sky Sports News. "At the moment we are just going to sit down and talk and decide what to do. "Nothing has been decided yet. We will decide next week."

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