Henry hits out at Gunners

Karl Henry is sent-off in the 66th minute after a challenge on Rosicky
Image: Henry: Was shown a straight red card

Karl Henry has accused Arsenal players of 'going down like a sack of spuds' following his red card at the Emirates.

Wolves skipper labels red card a disgrace

Wolves captain Karl Henry has accused Arsenal players of 'going down like a sack of spuds' following his red card at the Emirates on Saturday. In an outspoken outburst Henry has labelled his dismissal for a heavy challenge on Tomas Rosicky in the 1-0 defeat a 'disgrace', while being of the opinion Arsenal players constantly moan about hard challenges. Arsenal, who travel to Barcelona next week for the second leg of their UEFA Champions League quarter-final, had made seven changes to the starting XI, but still dominated. Wolves' job was made even harder after 65 minutes when referee Andre Marriner produced a red card after Henry had gone through the back of Rosicky. Following the late tackle, the Arsenal players surrounded Marriner, calling for stern action to be taken. Gunners boss Arsene Wenger feels given the recent history of serious injury to players like Eduardo and Aaron Ramsey, who suffered a double leg break at Stoke in February, the reaction of his team was perhaps understandable. However, Henry - now set to serve a ban as Wolves battle to stay in the top flight, unless the club are successful in an appeal to the Football Association - was left less than impressed by the whole incident. "I thought they were lucky getting a goal and lucky the referee sent me off, which was an absolute joke," Henry declared. "I have gone in to win it, Rosicky has gone across me to shield the ball. By that time, I have already gone to ground. "One of their players has come in, (Thomas) Vermaelen flying in and whoever else, trying to get me sent off. "I certainly wouldn't be running over, trying to get a player sent off. "I have seen it again and I have nicked the ball. It was never a red card, it is an absolute disgrace."


Rosicky went off for treatment to the back of his calf, which did have stud marks, but was soon able to continue. "He is up and running around two minutes later, absolutely fine," the 27-year-old Wolves midfielder said. "That is what they do here, I don't think it's pretty. "Their players moan when they get tackled when they get hit hard and so does Arsene Wenger. "Here in particular, Arsenal moan a lot, their players go down like a sack of spuds. "They get hit hard like any other clubs do and we are hearing about it for weeks and weeks. "They play good football here, and are a great side, but it is not nice to see. "We love Arsenal's great football, but when they are rolling around getting people sent off, it makes you not want to see them do so well."

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