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Wenger issues sack warning

Image: Wenger: Disappointed by Keane dismissal

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has warned that hasty managerial sackings are costing clubs dear.

Arsenal supremo stresses that knee-jerk decisions rarely pay off

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has warned that hasty managerial sackings are costing clubs dear. The Gunners face Ipswich in the first leg of their Carling Cup semi-final next week and the Championship outfit have become the latest club to axe their manager following a spate of recent sackings. Town relieved Roy Keane of his duties just 20 months after taking charge, making the former Republic of Ireland and Manchester United captain the eighth Football League boss to be dismissed in the last week. Four Premier League managers are reported to be on the verge of the axe and League Managers Association chief executive Richard Bevan released an open letter on Thursday night hitting out at the "short-termism" approach of clubs. Bevan has called for directors to start dealing with managers through a human resources department, giving regular appraisals and issuing warnings if results are not satisfactory.


Arsenal have kept faith with Wenger since September 1996, with the Frenchman repaying that faith by delivering seven major trophies while bringing through scores of home-grown players, and he is adamant managers must be given time. "I am disappointed to see that [Keane's dismissal] because it looks that when you open the papers every day a new manager is sacked. I am a complete enemy of that," said Wenger. "We know that to have success in football you need stability, and without that the club is going in a different direction every six months. "It finishes always with financial disaster without proving anywhere that changing managers provides success more than one time in 10. That means nine times it gets worse.
"I do not want to deny that we have an important position and we are responsible for the result, but when you choose a manager, you need to give him the time it takes to turn things around. "When Roy Hodgson (Liverpool) arrived in the summer and Gerard Houllier (Aston Villa) later, straight away after a few games people questioned the ability of people who have proven their competence. I am a great believer in technical stability at a club."

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