Fifa block goal-line technology

Image: Wenger: Believes goal-line techology will have been introduced by 2014

Arsenal will not be allowed to experiment with goal-line technology during the Emirates Cup.

Gunners won't be allowed to experiment, but Wenger remains upbeat

Fifa have informed Arsenal that they will not be allowed to experiment with goal-line technology during the Emirates Cup. Football's world governing body have been reluctant to trial such a system despite increasing calls for its introduction. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been among those to have expressed their support for match official aids, helping them to reach correct decisions. He believes goal-line technology would be a big step in the right direction, given that there have been a number of high-profile cases of 'goals' not being awarded in recent years. The Frenchman believed this year's Emirates Cup, a friendly tournament which will include the New York Red Bulls, Boca Juniors and Paris St Germain, provided an ideal platform on which to experiment. He has seen those calls fall on deaf ears, but claims Fifa do finally appear to be willing to consider the idea for future tournaments - with it possible that such technology could be used at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

First step

"You want it so you have a better chance to make the right decisions," said Wenger. "You know it could be a help for the referees. The more help they get, the more decisions they get right. "If out of 100 decisions they get 95 right instead of 85, you have to use technology. And I would like to use it for more than goal-line decisions, but it's a first step." Wenger added: "I think Fifa do not want to start to have a different set of rules for it here and there and I can understand that. "But the good news is they are open to it and it looks like in the next World Cup we will have it."

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