Wenger hopes to keep Nasri

Image: Nasri: Future remains uncertain but Wenger hopes the midfielder will stay at Arsenal

Arsene Wenger remains hopeful he can keep Samir Nasri at Arsenal following the departure of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona.

Gunners boss keen to resolve midfielder's contract situation

Arsene Wenger remains hopeful he can keep Samir Nasri at Arsenal following the departure of captain Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona. Fabregas completed his move to boyhood club Barca on Monday and Nasri has been tipped to follow the Spaniard out of Emirates Stadium. Nasri is in the final season of his Arsenal contract and has been heavily linked with a move to Manchester City after local rivals United had a bid rejected earlier this summer. The France international was not involved in the Gunners' opening game of the season against Newcastle due to illness and Wenger is keen to hang on to the midfielder. "The two things are not linked in my spirit," said Wenger when asked if Fabregas' departure made him more determined to hang on to Nasri. "Ideally I want Samir Nasri to stay, but as much as we were in a strong position on the contract side with Cesc, the situation is a bit different, but hopefully we can sort the situation out."

Very difficult

When quizzed on a scale of one to ten how confident he was of keeping Nasri, Wenger replied: "I don't like the scales in the game because it's always not very predictable. "It's very difficult to answer that question in an honest way." The Arsenal boss is also not concerned about the message that would be sent out to the club's Premier League rivals if he does persuade Nasri to stay in North London. He continued: "What is more important than the message is how strong we feel inside as a team. "We are determined, we have bought some very good players and, overall, the feeling inside the squad is very strong, and the desire and belief is very strong. "But, of course, we will be encouraged by the results that are made in the very near future, and certainly by the fact we can still bring one or two players in because we are still a little bit short."

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