Pair offer Wenger backing

Image: Wenger: Received backing of Puel and Garde

Claude Puel and Remi Garde have offered their backing to under-fire Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

Puel and Garde offer backing to under-fire Gunners boss

Claude Puel and Remi Garde have offered their backing to under-fire Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger. The Gunners have endured a poor start to the Premier League campaign, taking just four points from their opening five games. But former Lyon coach Puel, who knows Wenger well, believes the Arsenal boss can guide the Gunners out of their current slump. He told L'Equipe magazine: "Arsene is experiencing a special situation. "Everything has gone bad at the same time. Fabregas and Nasri left at the last minute, there are bad results and injured players. So there is such a pessimistic atmosphere, a negative environment which worsens all that.


"The players have been weakened and it is difficult to erase that. They doubt and it came from a long time ago with the failures against Barcelona and Birmingham last season. "Early in August I met Arsene before a friendly against Benfica. He has not changed, he is as full of fight as before, still his old self. He is indestructible. "He has stepped back, and I didn't feel him fatigued at all. It is not age, it is desire, and he has at least as much as Alex Ferguson." Puel added when the financial fair play rules come in, people will realise better what Wenger has achieved. "He has preserved the future of the club. He has led talented young players, making almost the same things made at Barça, with the same collective demand. Ferguson did the same, but United can spend big money on Rooney or Young. Arsenal doesn't have the same financial logic."
Garde support
Meanwhile Garde, who played for the Gunners from 1996-99, also supported Wenger but believes the club needs more old heads on the pitch. He told L'Equipe magazine: "Nowadays, Wenger is missing experienced players capable to undergo pressure. He has no more players who can take over on the pitch. "There were some during my time. If Anelka and Vieira could be so outstanding it was because the pressure was on Adams, Keown, Bergkamp or Wright. Nowadays there is not such a balance anymore."

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