Premier League: Tim Sherwood says his future is up to Tottenham Hotspur

Image: Tim Sherwood: Spurs boss has heard nothing about his future

Tim Sherwood has claimed the 'silence is deafening' regarding his long-term Tottenham Hotspur future, but has insisted he does not want to become an assistant manager.

However, former Spurs Glenn Hoddle disagreed with Sherwood's decision to question the character of his players after the game. "It's a different era now," Hoddle told Saturday Night Football. "I agree he was very honest but personally that's something you say in the dressing room to the players. You might come out and disguise what your feelings are. "Management is about when things are going wrong. When you're playing well and winning, it's easy to be a manager of a Premier League side. "He's being tested now. His testing time is coming now because of this result and other results like Norwich away. That's when Tim Sherwood is going to be tested as a manager. "But it's not his fault that his players went and made those mistakes, they were individual mistakes. "That's not down to the manager. He didn't set them up to make those mistakes."

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