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Image: Adebayor: Emotional

Emmanuel Adebayor remains unrepentant for his actions against Arsenal, insisting he was 'running on emotion'.

City striker reflects on his actions against Arsenal

Emmanuel Adebayor remains unrepentant for his actions against Arsenal, insisting he was 'running on emotion'. The Manchester City forward has come in for heaving criticism following the Blues' recent 4-2 victory over his former employers. An ugly stamp on Robin van Persie and an over-exuberant celebration in front of the away supporters have seen him fall under the microscope, with the Football Association having now got involved. Adebayor has been banned for three games over his clash with Van Persie and faces a further improper conduct charge relating to his celebrations, but is adamant that he did nothing wrong and is disappointed to have been singled out by the authorities. "Of course I am disappointed but there has been a lot of reaction in the press and when there is this much reaction something usually follows," the Togolese striker told ShortList. "I have a chance to be heard now and I hope people understand that I did not mean anything, I was running on emotion and when that is the case it is very hard to control what you do." Sticking with the much-maligned celebration, where he ran the length of the field in order to taunt the away support, he added: "When you are being abused for the whole game it affects you. "People are saying 10 seconds like it is a long time but it isn't. The whole of that 10 seconds I was running and I was running on pure emotion. I was not thinking like I would normally do. After you score a goal there is an instant high and that high can last a while.


"It doesn't matter what you do or what you earn if you get abuse for over an hour, an hour of personal abuse you are going to react. Just because we are football players it does not mean we have the right to be abused. "The insults and abuse were personal and just because I am a football player it does not mean I should have to listen to that. People talk about the money we earn, but just because somebody makes a good living it does not mean they have to put up with abuse." Despite the row which has followed his meeting with the Gunners, Adebayor insists he will not shirk away from the spotlight when City travel to Emirates Stadium on 24th April. "I have already said I am ready for the return game," he said. "I don't think there will be trouble, it is a long time away and people have a lot of time to calm down. It could be a big match for both teams, so I think people will just be concentrating on the three points." After a summer of big spending at Eastlands, Adebayor also believes that City are capable of claiming the Premier League crown this season. "There is a long-term plan at this club but with the way we have playing there is no reason we should have to wait for success if we are ready now," he added. "We have the players to compete with any team in Europe so yes I am willing to say that we can win the title as early as this season."

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