Warnock ready to launch claim

Image: Warnock: Considering his options

Ex-Sheff Utd boss Neil Warnock is considering launching a personal compensation claim against West Ham.

Former Blades boss could sue Hammers over relegation

Neil Warnock is considering launching a personal compensation claim after it was confirmed West Ham have reached a deal with Sheffield United over the Carlos Tevez affair. The Blades have been seeking recompense from the Upton Park outfit after Tevez helped retain West Ham's Premier League status in the 2006/07 season, despite the club having earlier been fined for breaking rules on third-party player ownership. The former Sheffield United manager is contemplating suing the Hammers for lost earnings and the effect on his career caused by the loss of Premier League status. Warnock, who is now with Crystal Palace, wanted United's case to be dealt with first before turning his attention to his own personal situation.

Considering options

"I'll be looking into this now," he told the Daily Mail. "I just wanted to see the club's case out of the way first. "As far as I'm concerned, I should still be a Premier League manager. And I think the players have a case, too." Referring to the reported £25million settlement, Warnock continued: "It justifies what we've said all along. We've had a lot of people criticise us for taking it this far - but that's what justice is all about. "But this still doesn't make it right for me or the United fans - or anyone else involved."
Maintains belief
Although a resolution has been reached over the Tevez affair, Warnock maintains that Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore should have lost his position. "I think Scudamore is an absolute disgrace," added Warnock. "I'd love to get him in a room on my own for an hour, no holds barred. "If it was any other club, Scudamore would have made sure the facts came out. I find it amazing that he has kept his job. "If it had been a big club, the truth would have come out earlier and it would have been sorted."

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