The Clough years

Image: Anderson: Will Forest see those days again?

Viv Anderson and Paul Hart reminisced about their time under Brian Clough at Nottingham Forest.

Duo remember their Forest days

Viv Anderson and Paul Hart reminisced about their days under the management of Brian Clough at Nottingham Forest. Hart played 87 games for Forest and went on to manage the side from 2001 to 2004 while Anderson spent 14 years at the club where he won two European Cups under Clough. "We did that with no real superstars really," remembers Anderson. "It just snowballed over a period of four years. It did not last long which was a shame. People went their own separate ways but he was a fantastic manager. "How did he do it? He just bought good players. He bought Peter Shilton, he bough Kenny Burns and he bought Harty later which was a big downer," joked Anderson. "They were fantastic times and hopefully they will come back. Getting promoted and then winning the league the next year well I don't think that will ever be done again. "I have seen John McGovern say he was a fantastic manager but you would never ring him up and ask him out for a pint. As a manager you would run through a brick wall for him because he had something about him. "

Spirit lives on

Paul Hart believes that the era of Brian Clough still lives on at the club and he for one embraced it as a manager. "I embraced that era myself and I did not want it to go away," explained Hart. "I thoroughly enjoyed working for him and it was a real team effort. The club is still built that way and I think the supporters want to see the type of football he played and I think they will come and watch that. I just hope they stay in this division because they deserve to." Hart also remembers the mind games that Clough used to get the best out of his players and how he made them hungry for the game. "If you got beat he said he did not want to see you until Wednesday. "By the time Wednesday came we were climbing up the walls and by the time we finally got to the training field we were a very hungry team."

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