PSG confirm Becks intent

Image: David Beckham: Wanted by Paris St Germain

Paris St Germain president Nasser al-Khelaifi has confirmed his desire to lure former England captain David Beckham to France.

President wants English legend

Paris St Germain president Nasseral-Khelaifi has confirmed his desire to lure David Beckham to France. Qatar Sports Investment took control of PSG in the summer and have wasted little time investing huge money in the squad, with signings such as Javier Pastore and Kevin Gameiro. But al-Khelaifi admits PSG's project is only just beginning and he confirms their intent on persuading Beckham to join - although he admits a deal lies in the hands of their director of football Leonardo. "Beckham is extraordinary," al-Khelaifi told L'Equipe. "Could he join PSG? Frankly I can't tell you. PSG is attracted by any great players and Beckham is one of them. "But it will be up to Leonardo and the coach to give their opinion. Did I meet him? No. David Beckham, he goes beyond sport. He is an ambassador, a trademark, he is an example for other people. "But he is also remains a very good football player, and his age is no problem. "Could he play very often in first-team? It will be up to Leonardo to determine if the conditions are gathered for him to come or not. "But as long as we have no agreement with him, and it is not the case, we can't say anything. "We are currently satisfied with the players in our group, the team performances and atmosphere. I am not sure we will hire any additional players this winter."


Beckham himself admits that he is still considering his options and the main issue is his family, but he has admitted an interest from PSG. "Whose missus wouldn't like it there?" Beckham joked. "It's Paris. "There are a number of factors I have to consider when I'm thinking about the possibility of moving on from the Galaxy. "Are my kids happy here is the first question I have to ask. And the answer to that is 'yes'. And my eldest boy, Brooklyn, is at the age where he needs stability throughout his schooling. "But then again, his mum and dad have to work. We have moved to different countries over the years and it has not upset the boys or affected them in any way. "If we do end up leaving here and going somewhere else, as long as our children are okay, that is the most important thing. "When I say, 'I have to work', I mean I love to work. I love to play and be out there and be part of the team. "I could sit back and do nothing, but that is not me. And I have four kids to support. "As a parent, we all worry about how our kids are going to grow up. Are they going to have their feet on the ground? "Obviously our boys and little girl are very lucky. They've got a great life set up for them. The boys have had a great life here for the last five years. "But I think, as a parent, you always continue to worry. You think 'have they got the hunger that I had as a kid'?
"I had a real regular upbringing. All I ever wanted to do was play football, to take a ball out on to the field and kick it around. I just wanted to be a footballer. "Kids these days, not just mine, have so many distractions. Computer games, other sports - especially living in America. "My boys aren't just into football but baseball, basketball, American football. They're skateboarding. They are surfing. They play football - training three times a week and playing on Saturday and Sunday. "I'm as hard on my boys as my dad was on me. They always ask, 'Did I play well? Did I play well?' I usually say, 'You did all right, could have done better'. "They definitely have the hunger for football, but there are a lot of other things they're into whereas when I was a kid all I wanted to do, and all I had, was football. "I wasn't into skateboarding or surfing - we couldn't really surf in the East End of London. "But my boys have definitely got their feet on the ground. The way my Dad brought me up, he was strict. I'm exactly the same with my boys. They don't get away with too much. "They are used to the attention we get as a family. They can spot paparazzi before I do. "We've always made that into a game and not made too much of a fuss about them being pictured every day. "We love living here. I need to decide whether it is the right move for me to continue to play here or continue to play at all."

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