Coleman agrees Real stay

Image: Coleman: Points the way

Chris Coleman is to stay on as Real Sociedad coach after being backed by new president Inaki Badiola.

But he doesn't sound overwhelmed at new plans

Chris Coleman is to stay on as Real Sociedad coach 'as long as the club needs him' after being backed by new president Inaki Badiola. The former Fulham chief had looked set to leave the Basque club when last week Badiola was elected and set a wholly different agenda to the one that he signed up for on his arrival in the summer. Included in Badiola's plans was the purchase of a number of new players that he has already pinpointed, with Coleman no longer to determine how to strengthen his playing staff. However, following extensive talks with his new paymaster Coleman has decided to stay at Sociedad, for the moment at least.

Tough time

"When Maria [de la Pena, former president] stepped down, I offered my resignation to the directors, who said it was more important I stay and worked with the players at least until January 3 when there will be a new president - no problem. "The new president has come in and he's told me it's important that I stay, and the players have asked me to stay. "So what was the most important thing - my ego or the club? I think the club is a little bit more important than that. "Of course it's difficult for me because it is a different programme and I don't want to look like a hypocrite, which maybe I do. But the most important thing is the club. "I'll stay as long as the club need me to stay. If the players weren't happy with us and the president said it wasn't important we stay, then that would be it..." Coleman has been set a target of earning Sociedad promotion back to the top flight this season; a plan which differs considerably to a more long-term arrangement that was previously outlined to him.
Aims changed
"It's the president's programme, it's a six-month programme. We have to be in the Primera Liga in six months, so we are told," Coleman said. "He wants to sign a lot of players, they won't be my signings, they will be the president's or the club's, and we will work with that programme until we are told we are no longer needed. "We all knew before that our idea for the club was a three-year plan; the [new] president has a different idea. "Since I've been a manager I've always bought and sold my own players, that is what I am used to. "I spoke with the president about this, he has told me his plans. The club will buy the players. He wants me to remain."

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