Eto'o: Aragones is no racist

Samuel Eto'o has defended Spain boss Luis Aragones after claims of racism.

Barcelona star Samuel Eto'o has defended Spain boss Luis Aragones in the face of allegations of racism.

The Cameroon striker played under Aragones last season at Mallorca and insists the veteran coach is not a racist.

Aragones provoked widespread condemnation by making racially-sensitive remarks about Thierry Henry to Jose Antonio Reyes at a Spain training camp last month.

He did little to assuage the rumpus caused by his comments last week when he told the British press it was they who were guilty of racism for their colonial past ahead of the international friendly between England and Spain.

He has since been ordered to explain himself to the Spanish Anti-Violence Commission (Comision Nacional Antiviolencia) as question marks continue to hang over his future as Spain boss.

But Eto'o has come out in support of his former coach, and insists he is ready to speak to Henry personally to defend Aragones.

"I don't believe the supposedly racist words of Luis Aragones," he told Punto Radio.

"If there is one person who isn't racist then it is Aragones who always defends black people.

"When I speak with Henry I will tell him this."

However, president of Primera side Getafe, Angel Torres, was less supportive of Aragones, and even accused the 66-year-old of acting in a senile way over the recent affair.

Torres insisted the coach should have behaved more responsibly, and blamed him for enflaming the whole situation.

"People with a lot of influence such as Luis Aragones should stop making jokes, we're all grown-ups," he blasted.

"One time it's funny, but sometimes Luis gets a bit doddery.

"He should think about his position, what that represents and that he can't keep making jokes because look at the mess he's got us in."


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