Burgos warning to smokers

GERMAN BURGOS has claimed that smoking caused the tumour on his kidney that he just had successfully removed.

The enigmatic Atletico Madrid goalkeeper had no doubts that his love of tobacco brought on cancer and believes that all smokers should stop and think what they are doing.

"This has happened to me because of smoking," the Argentinian shot-stopper claimed. "It should be used as a warning to everyone that smokes that this is what can happen to you.

"I have been a smoker, sorry was a smoker, since I was 17 and I truly believe that it is due to that.

"Everyone should try stopping for 24 hours and see how they feel. I have been lucky, but without the proper medical treatment and the fact it was caught early, it could have been too late."

Burgos then sent a message of thanks to his fans and quipped that he had indeed been very ill and not on holiday.

"I am here now to confirm that I have just had an operation and that I have not been in a hair salon for the past few weeks," he joked sporting a new jet black look to replace the highlights that he had before.

"The support of the public has been absolutely unbelievable. People from all over Spain and Argentina, and even France and Japan, have sent me cards and gifts.

"The doctors have said they are surprised how quickly I recovered, but nobody is more surprised than me.

"I now have 35 holes to remind me never to smoke again," he concluded, pointing at his chemotherapy marks.

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