Adriano explains Inter exit

Image: Adriano: Re-found happiness

Adriano has admitted that alcohol troubles were behind his Inter Milan exit.

Brazilian admits alcohol problems were behind his Inter departure

Adriano has admitted that alcohol troubles were behind his Inter exit and even revealed that he used to turn up to training drunk. The Brazilian lit up Serie A while with Parma and in his early days with the Nerazzurri but highlighted that his game deteriorated when he sunk into depression and ultimately alcoholism after his father died of a heart attack in August 2004. Despite producing arguably the best football of his career that season the 27-year-old quickly saw his off-field antics catch up with him. Inter loaned the striker to Sao Paulo in 2008 in a bid to get him back on track but despite manager Jose Mourinho's efforts Adriano soon fell back into his old habits when he returned to Milan. The Brazil international left Inter by mutual consent in April and now insists he has put his problems behind him having re-found his form with Brazilian side Flamengo. "After the death of my father I fell into a depression that I only managed to cure with alcohol," he told R7. "I was only happy when I was drinking and I never stopped. I went out every night and drank whatever happened to be in front of me, wine, whisky, beer...a lot of beer.


"People think it was madness to give up the millionaire's contract that I had but the truth is that there is not enough money to compensate for family. "I gave up so many millions but I bought happiness." Adriano went on to reveal that he would often turn up to training drunk with Inter officials telling the media he was nursing an injury while he slept off a hangover. "I turned up every day drunk. I couldn't sleep for fear of being late but at the end I arrived in unpresentable conditions anyway so they used to send me to sleep in the infirmary while they told journalists that I had some muscle problems," he added. "I went back to Inter because of Mourinho, but it was not enough. I started again with parties, women and alcohol. "The club didn't want to accept the situation and gave up insisting on my recovery. "I'm upset for Mourinho, who rightly argued with several directors in an attempt to convince them to treat me."

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