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Ref Watch: Lee Cattermole, Jamie Vardy, John Terry calls analysed

Jamie Vardy Ref Watch
Image: Jamie Vardy won a penalty after this tackle by Matthew Penngington

Should Lee Cattermole and Gary Cahill have seen red? Was Jamie Vardy rightly awarded a penalty? Should Arsenal have had a penalty against Manchester City?

Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher joined host Rob Wotton in the Sky Sports News HQ studio to analyse a number of contentious calls from the weekend.

Was your team affected by a controversial decision? Read on to find out...

MATCH: Sunderland v Chelsea, Premier League, Saturday

INCIDENT: Gary Cahill is shown a yellow card, rather than a red, for bringing down Jermain Defoe in the first minute of the match as he looked to go through on goal.

GALLAGHER'S VIEW: "It shows how alert the referee and his assistant were, for two reasons. Defoe is yards offside when he gets the ball but it's a back-pass from a Chelsea player, so the assistant is alert and hasn't flagged for offside. The referee then sees Cahill has fouled him but John Terry is close enough to make it a possible goalscoring opportunity rather than an obvious one."

GALLAGHER'S VERDICT: Correct decision

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Gary Cahill Jermain Defoe
Image: Gary Cahill was booked inside the first minute against Sunderland

MATCH: Sunderland v Chelsea

INCIDENT: Lee Cattermole is booked for a lunging tackle on Eden Hazard.

GALLAGHER'S VIEW: "I think it's a worse challenge than the referee realises. He sees it and thinks it's a yellow. It looks a yellow but close up it is a nasty tackle and he is very fortunate to only get a yellow. If he had got a red he could not have complained. It's late and he has hit him with the studs. In real time the referee has not seen it as clearly as we have on the replays."


Eden Hazard Lee Cattermole
Image: Lee Cattermole only saw yellow for this tackle on Eden Hazard

MATCH: Sunderland v Chelsea

INCIDENT: John Terry is sent off for two yellow cards. The first is for a foul on Jermain Defoe and the second for a challenge on Wahbi Khazri.

John Terry foul Jermain Defoe Ref Watch
Image: John Terry was booked for this tackle on Jermain Defoe

GALLAGHER'S VIEW: "The first one is a yellow. Terry realises as well, he puts his hand up straight away. It's late and reckless and he has no chance of playing the ball, which has gone. It's a yellow card.

"I don't know why he then made the second tackle, he had no reason to. The fact he has followed through has convinced the referee to send him off."

GALLAGHER'S VERDICT: Correct decision

John Terry Jermain Defoe Ref Watch
Image: Terry was shown a second yellow card for bringing down Wahbi Khazri

MATCH: Leicester v Everton, Premier League, Saturday

INCIDENT: Jamie Vardy wins a penalty after being fouled by Matthew Pennington. It was a similar incident to the one against West Ham a few weeks ago, when Vardy was adjudged to have dived and was shown a second yellow card.

GALLAGHER'S VIEW: "I think it is the right decision, he bundles him over and it's a penalty. People says it's not the most clear cut but the defender comes across him. 

"Against West Ham, Vardy went across the defender and was looking to make the contact. He initiated it. With Pennington they are side by side and he hasn't taken his ground. He did against West Ham. Side by side they are similar challenges with different outcomes, so you can see how different it is. But the referee got both right."

GALLAGHER'S VERDICT: Correct decision

Jamie Vardy Ref Watch
Image: Jamie Vardy won a penalty for the foul by Matthew Pennington (left), a few weeks after being booked for diving (right)

MATCH: Manchester City v Arsenal, Premier League, Sunday

INCIDENT: From an Arsenal free-kick into the box, both Alexis Sanchez and Olivier Giroud appear to have their shirts pulled. No penalty is given.

GALLAGHER'S VIEW: "If it's seen then something should have been done, but it's week-in, week-out. We have one more week to go and then in the summer we should sit down and think how can we do this better and identify this."

Alexis Sanchez Fernandinho Ref Watch
Image: Fernandinho pulled Alexis Sanchez's arm at a free-kick

MATCH: Man City v Arsenal

INCIDENT: The referee is hit by the ball, breaking up an Arsenal attack, but then later in the game plays an advantage after a foul on Jack Wilshere from which the Gunners score.

GALLAGHER'S VIEW: "You have almost gone from a referee's nightmare to a dream because they have scored after the advantage and you can turn around say, 'I have played a major part in this game flowing properly and the right decision being made'. That's what you want every game."

Referee Ref Watch
Image: The ball hit the referee in Man City's draw with Arsenal, but he later played an advantage that allowed Arsenal to score

MATCH: Middlesbrough v Brighton, Championship, Saturday

INCIDENT: Brighton's Dale Stephens is sent off for a foul on Gaston Ramirez. The referee initially pulls the yellow card out of his pocket but appears to change his mind after seeing a gash on Ramirez's leg.

GALLAGHER'S VIEW: "This is such a debatable incident. He sees the outcome of the tackle and when you see an injury like that, I don't see how you can keep the player on the park. You see his leg and if he hadn't been sent off how would you control the rest of the game?

"He was stretchered off and needed serious medical attention. It's such a nasty injury. Maybe the referee didn't realise at first how serious it was but having realised I think he has taken the right action.

GALLAGHER'S VERDICT: Correct decision

Dale Stephens Middlesbrough
Image: Dale Stephens was sent off for this tackle

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