Hard knock life for Bale

Image: Bale: Celebrates with Luka Modric after scoring against Wigan on Saturday

Gareth Bale has revealed he has no qualms about getting kicked by the Premier League's bruisers.

Welsh international wants to have no flaws in his game

Gareth Bale has revealed he has no qualms about getting kicked by the Premier League's bruisers as long as they are punished by the referees. The Tottenham winger's game is an amalgamation of speed, power and skill. It's a combination that has proved too much for certain defenders this season. Against Liverpool, Martin Skrtel failed to find a solution to his talents and was dismissed, while Wigan's Steve Gohouri's suffered the same fate on Saturday. Bale is aware that he is now a target for the league's more robust defenders and Harry Redknapp has urged match officials to continue to be vigilant for harsh tackles against him.


However, the Welsh international is prepared to take the knocks if it leads to more points on the board for Spurs. "It's not nice but I suppose it's a compliment when you're playing well and people want to drag you down," he told Spurs TV Online. "There have been two sent off in the last two games, so they can keep kicking me if they want as long as they get sent off." Bale's all round ability is what makes him such a frightening proposition for defenders but he has now added another facet to his game.
His header against Wigan from Luka Modric's corner was proof this area of his game has improved as he notched his first goal since New Year's Day. "We've been speaking about making runs from corners," he added. "It's always good to get your head on it and get a goal. I've scored a few goals in the air now. "Hopefully I can score a lot more, on the floor and in the air."

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