Adebayor - I won't celebrate

Image: Adebayor: A steward's stool was even thrown towards him during 'that' celebration

Emmanuel Adebayor insists he won't celebrate if he scores against Arsenal again in Sunday's north London derby.

Ex-Arsenal striker vows not to repeat City celebration

Emmanuel Adebayor insists he won't celebrate if he scores against Arsenal again in this weekend's north London derby. The former Gunners striker has joined their local rivals Tottenham on a season-long loan from Manchester City and will face his former club at White Hart Lane on Sunday, live on Sky Sports 1. The 27-year-old striker left Arsenal in the summer of 2009 but has fallen out of favour at City since making a sparkling start with the Blues. Adebayor scored in his first three league games for City and Arsenal were next up at the Etihad Stadium. Many Arsenal fans were angry at Adebayor's departure, with some venting their frustration towards their former hero during the game, and after scoring a crucial late header, he ran the length of the field to slide on his knees in front of the away supporters.


Adebayor was booked and apologised amid the furore that followed City's 4-2 win, and while the Togolese goal-getter has apologised again for his reaction, he insists the incident is behind him. "What happened two years ago was an accident and I do apologise to all the fans of Arsenal," he said. "Sometime the emotions, we cannot control them, we are all human beings. "I regret what I have done and I say sorry to everyone but at the end of the day sorry doesn't change anything. For me, it's over." Adebayor has scored three goals in his first three games for Tottenham and claims he will score against former club again this weekend. But if so, he has vowed to keep his emotions in check this time.
"I'm looking forward to playing against Arsenal again on Sunday," he said. "But believe me, if I have a chance to score - trust me, I will score - but as for the celebration, never in my life will I do something like that again. "It will be a funny game, it'll be fantastic. I have a chance to play against Arsenal again, the club that gave me the chance to be where I am today. I have a huge respect for the club."

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