Mark Johnston health improving after coronavirus

Mark Johnston - trains rising star Matterhorn
Image: Mark Johnston

Record-breaking trainer Mark Johnston is continuing his recovery after contracting coronavirus.

The Middleham handler has been isolating since having symptoms confirmed, but is reported to be making good progress.

His son Angus said on Racing TV's Luck on Sunday programme: "He had a couple of days in bed, but was back up yesterday and is starting to move around.

"He's eager to get back to work, mum is having to put the brakes on him and telling him to keep calm, Charlie (Johnston) is doing an amazing job of running things as normal.

"All the horses are getting out and everything is running really smoothly."

Johnston's wife, Deirdre, added: "I wouldn't wish it on anybody, thankfully his breathing was always fine and he didn't have to go to hospital."

Deirdre and Angus have become internet sensations of late, entertaining viewers on social media channels with their 'Kingsley House Acoustic Sessions'.

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"It's really kept me going, I'm used to being out on a horse all day - I'm walking my box and crib biting, so it helps stop that!"

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