Imani Lansiquot

Imani Lansiquot has been ripping up the track since she was a junior
Image: Imani Lansiquot has been ripping up the track since she was a junior

Imani Lansiquot is used to flying over short distances but GB's rising sprinting star is also fired up to impress off the track as a Sky Sports Scholar.

The 19-year-old is making great strides and having captained the GB team at the 2016 World Juniors has gone on to become the second fastest British teenager in history over 100m.

"To think that Sky believe in my talent just magnifies my own confidence on the track and in my life," Lansiquot said.

"I feel completely honoured. To have the backing of a company such as Sky is immensely prestigious.

"After training for six years, it's an amazing feeling to be rewarded with such a special partnership. I really believe it will push my career to higher heights."


1) Born: 17 December 1997, Peckham
2) Ranked No 1 in Britain for 100m and 60m as an U20
3) Second fastest British junior with 11.17s

Hopes are high for the runner from Peckham in South London. She ran four Olympic Standard times in 2016 in the 100m and was fourth at the trials before Rio.

She added: "In the next four years, I plan to mature and learn as much as I can. With Tokyo in sight, and the completion of my degree, these years are crucially formative as an athlete and a young woman.

"I look forward to not only having the financial support to fully enhance my development as an athlete, but also to learn some real life lessons about the corporate world and develop my ability to work with the media.

"I'd love to be able to truly inspire and relate to young women like myself in sport."