Sky Scholar Lucy Garner and cyclist gets inspired with work experience at Sky studios

By Mark Ashenden

Last Updated: 24/03/2017, 11:03 GMT

Lucy Garner swapped her two wheels for the TV studios at SSNHQ
Lucy Garner swapped her two wheels for the TV studios at SSNHQ

An alarm bell ringing in the early hours wasn't her favourite thing, but there was plenty of other things Lucy Garner got excited about during her time at Sky.

The 22-year-old road cyclist from Leicester, back in the saddle again in the off-season, has just finished a week's work experience in London, forgetting about her trusty two wheels and learning how to deal with the pressures of live TV.

Our Sky Academy Sports Scholar explains in more detail!..........

I had a great few days at Sky exploring all the different areas and realising how much goes on behind the scenes.

When I go to the Sky Sports studios it's normally for an interview or meet up with my fellow Scholars. So I was in for a shock.

I had always noticed how many computers and other activities were going on. In these few days of work experience I got to learn what really does go on to make Sky Sports News so great!

Firstly, I worked with the programme Sky Sportswomen. I was taught how to prepare for what goes out on TV and I got to spend time with some really passionate people wanting to build on women's sport. It was great.

I got the chance to get stuck in and helped write a piece about a big topic in sport. It was a challenge to write but it was amazing to meet former England rugby captain Sue Day and hear about her experiences. 

Read my piece here....

One of my best experiences was going into the gallery which is basically where everything is said to the presenters. If breaking news comes through then it can get quite stressful trying to get as much information about that topic quickly onto our TV screens.

It was a real experience seeing how quickly things can be put together, but also seeing how everything is so organised and that the output has all these time blocks they have to stick to.

The hardest part of the work experience was my alarm going off in the morning (terrible I know). As a cyclist, I do have a routine of course but I never have to set my alarm at 6am in the morning!

Looking to the future and beyond my cycling career I would definitely consider working in media. I'm still not 100 per cent sure on what would best suit me but it was great to learn how everything works and what areas there are to work in.

I was really interested in the graphics side of the news so it would be good to explore more into that.

The next couple of weeks are quite relaxed for me. I'm still training hard but I don't have any training camps planned.

I'm going to go back to the UK for an early Christmas with my family and I'm really looking forward to meeting up with my Sky Scholars again in the middle of December and catch up on what they've all been doing.


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