GB gymnast Joe Fraser on meeting David Haye and working on Anthony Joshua stories at Sky


Last Updated: 05/06/19 2:54pm

Joe discussed the highs and lows of his European Championships on SSN
Joe discussed the highs and lows of his European Championships on SSN

This was not a quiet and calm work experience at Sky for Joe Fraser!

But it's all part of the development journey for one of GB's top gymnasts and Sky Sports Scholar who continues his build-up to the Tokyo Olympics.

The 20-year-old from Birmingham reveals all....

I had such an amazing time at Sky. It's something I wouldn't usually get the opportunity to do and even when I was in school, I was on a training camp the same week as our work experience and didn't get a chance to do it.

So this was an opportunity I didn't want to miss.

On my first day I was working with the Sky Boxing team and it was a little busy to say the least.

I was introduced to everybody in the production team and got straight to work with one of the guys who was working on the opening video for the boxing at the weekend.

Joe discussed the highs and lows of his European Championships on SSN
Joe discussed the highs and lows of his European Championships on SSN

We needed to find videos that would fit in and showcase all of the fighters in some of their greatest moments. The idea we used was to make it look like a party.

We edited 15 minutes of video down to one minute. I also got the chance to go on Sky Sports News which was live. It was a fantastic experience and it was reassuring to have Head of Scholarships Tony Lester with me.

I was very grateful to get a chance to reflect on my recent competitions on TV.

My second day at Sky was crazy! I was dealing with the boxing team again and it was the day the story about Jarrell Miller's reported failed drug test came out! His fight with Anthony Joshua was in doubt so it was a huge story.

It was a crazy busy day but was still good fun seeing how they deal with these kinds of situations.

Joe enjoys the SSN limelight with head of Scholarships Tony Lester (right)

We also had David Haye and Anna Woolhouse in at Sky doing a podcast and a TV programme that was going out later in the day.

Meeting David was great and as a fellow athlete I really appreciate all that he has done in his career. My job was helping to get the presenters ready and setting up the green screen and microphones.

Seeing how the cameramen have to think about getting the right angles and making sure the person is in the full screen at all times was fascinating.

On my third day at Sky I worked with Mark Ashenden who is our blog and website editor within the Scholar programme.

I got an opportunity to see ways of maximising my social media platforms to help boost my profile in the coming months ready for the Olympic qualifications.

Seeing how my stories go up on the Sky Sports website and app was really interesting and I also met the guys who work with the Twitter and Instagram Sky pages.

They gave me a few tips on reaching out to a bigger audience and making full use of my videos and photos and to be more engaging which was so helpful.

My sport is full of crazy skills and flips so I'll be showing a lot more training videos and I'm hoping to show my progress better.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone at Sky for having me and giving me an insight into an amazing industry I have not been in before and for making me feel so welcome.

I look forward to coming back again!