Carl Froch v George Groves: War of words reaches new heights on Ringside

Last Updated: 08/11/13 9:24am

With three weeks to go until Carl Froch defends his WBA and IBF super-middleweight titles against George Groves the two fighters went toe-to-toe on the Ringside set.

And it's fair to say that things got a little bit tasty.

Here's some highlights of the verbal barbs that were exchanged - and if the in-ring action is as intense then fight fans are in for a treat on Saturday November 23 live on Sky Box Office...

JOHNNY NELSON: George, you seem to have found the destiny you are looking for?

GROVES: In many ways you could say this is my destiny. I've worked a long time and put in a lot of hard work to become world champion and on November 23 I will be world champion. I'm confident of that. Some people are surprised by how confident I am, but I know this and I can't wait to get out there and prove it.

ADAM SMITH: Is this mind games?

GROVES: They were never mind games with James DeGale. It was telling James DeGale the truth, just like I'm doing with Froch, telling the truth. He's the one that doesn't like it.

ADAM SMITH: We've noticed you're just using his surname?

GROVES: That's his name isn't it? His name is Froch. At this moment in time he's not my friend so it would be rude for me to address him by his first name.

JOHNNY NELSON: Does the lack of respect bother you Carl?

"Do you remember that? Up in Nottingham? When your brother was asking me for photos and saying I was going to be a world champion?"

George Groves

FROCH: At this stage of the game I'm quite long in the tooth in terms of experience and world title fights. I come to expect this from a young naïve fighter. I've heard it all before. I've heard the same confident talk or arrogance, whatever you want to call it, about what they're going to do and how they're going to beat me time and time again. I get in the ring on the night and something totally different happens. It's not going to be any different on November 23.

JOHNNY NELSON: Is he getting to you?

FROCH: You listen to a young kid coming through and you expect it from them because they've got to draw some confidence from somewhere. George is the only guy that doesn't realise what's going to happen on the 23rd. Everybody knows what's going to happen except for George. He's got to try and draw some confidence from somewhere and if that means minimising what I've done and downplaying my achievements and who I've beat then let him have that. He's allowed to do what he wants to make him feel better, but the fact remains he's getting a bad whooping on November 23.

GROVES: The fact remains that all I've done is tell the truth. I told the truth about how he's been exposed in previous fights and I've shown where's he's looked vulnerable and shown weaknesses. It's up to me to go out there and exploit those weaknesses.

FROCH: It's up to him to do it and he's got to do it all in three weeks. I wouldn't fancy his chances.

GROVES: I'm ready. I'm more than ready. Carl, I don't think you're going to show me anything different and if you come out and show me anything you've shown before you're in for a big, big shock and you're in for some trouble.

FROCH: It's exciting.

JOHNNY NELSON: Does this remind you of a younger version of yourself?

FROCH: No. I don't think I've ever been so stupid and arrogant in my whole life. That's not me in previous years

GROVES: Where's the arrogance Carl?

FROCH: I'm talking to Johnny at the minute.

"If I say want I want to say then it is going to end with you putting me in a headlock and Eddie Hearn putting George in the recovery position."

Carl Froch

GROVES: I'm talking to you.

FROCH: I'm listening but I'm not answering.

ADAM SMITH: Are you telling Carl the truth here?

GROVES: I'm telling Carl the truth here. I don't know him as well as I knew James DeGale, but I know him well enough to tell him the truth that he has insecurities, weaknesses, he is vulnerable and I will exploit it. He can deny it and of course he will and it's up to me to prove it.

FROCH: He says there's going to be a big upset on the night and I'm in for a shock

GROVES: I'm used to big upsets

FROCH: He is used to it as well so the fans have got something to look forward to.

GROVES: Yeah, they will.

FROCH: It's going to be an exciting, entertaining night. This guy genuinely believes it from what he is saying, even though when his head hits the pillow at night he doesn't believe in it. I know that for a fact.

GROVES: You just said I genuinely believe it so make up your mind. If I genuinely believe it then I genuinely believe it...

FROCH: I'm not going to engage in a confrontational argument. He's sitting here like he genuinely believes it, but when his head hits the pillow and he shuts his eyes at night...

GROVES: You're contradicting yourself.

FROCH: When the fight draws closer and it dawns on him, the magnitude of the task he has got ahead of him fighting me, in a professional ring with small gloves. It's going to be wonderful to watch actually.

ADAM SMITH: You've met in sparring with bigger gloves. We'd like to know what happened...

GROVES: He dropped me.

FROCH: You've just heard it. We sparred with big gloves and I dropped him.

GROVES: The St John's Ambulance came in and a helicopter came in a flew me to A&E. That's how it went. Or did I stand straight up, tap your gloves and carry on with the spar and then ruin you two days later before you fought Kessler and got your first loss didn't you? Do you remember that? Up in Nottingham? When your brother was asking me for photos and saying I was going to be a world champion?

FROCH: It's irrelevant what has happened in the past, who has fought who and who has done what. The facts are we are fighting in three weeks and I'm looking forward to the fight. The fight fans are in for a real treat when this chump gets his mouth shut and beat on the night. 99.9% of people from the feedback I'm getting all realise what this guy doesn't realise. He's getting beat.

ADAM SMITH: How do you beat Carl Froch? Not with words but with your fists?

GROVES: I show up and do what I can do and what I will do. We've seen Carl get beat many times before. I've got to pick one of those ways to beat him. I haven't decided which one yet.


FROCH: If I say what I want to say then it is going to end with you putting me in a headlock and Eddie Hearn putting George in the recovery position.

GROVES: Say it then.

FROCH: I don't want to go down that road. All I've got to do to answer your question is connect with a right hand or left hook and the fight is going to be over. It's as simple as that. One hundred per cent that is what will happen, that will be the outcome: George Groves is getting knocked out. His chin can't stand up and at some stage in the fight I will hit him and when I connect he will hit the floor.

GROVES: So that's it? You've got to land one punch? Calm down Carl.

JOHNNY NELSON: Final message George?

GROVES: I'll put this chump to sleep. We'll see. I will knock Froch out. He won't hear that final bell.

Carl Froch defends his WBA and IBF super-middleweight titles against George Groves, live on Sky Sports Box Office on November 23.