Dee Caffari blogs from on board Turn the Tide on Plastic in the Volvo Ocean Race


Last Updated: 13/11/17 2:09pm

Turn the Tide on Plastic continue their journey on Leg 2 from Lisbon to Cape Town as they confront the doldrums!

So we have reached the doldrums and have been negotiating clouds, thunder, lightning and rain for the past 24 hours. But I would like to say in a stage whisper, that I think we may have done well and soon be out of them - although we never want to tempt fate.

The cloud activity ahead on the satellite picture has reduced, making us think we are through the worst of it.

As doldrums go, this has been pretty painless. We have managed to keep hold of some breeze the whole time and for most of it, we have been able to sail in the right direction. What has surprised me is the amount of time we have had to sail in our foul weather gear.

It has either been water over the deck from the speed and waves or downpours of rain, which can also be good for showers as the temperature is hot. Air temperature is about 28 degrees and the sea temperature is at 27 degrees.

We are focused on the competition, who are sadly still ahead but by less than before and our closest foe is Scallywag. There is still a long way to go and a lot can happen we just need to tick the others off one at a time.

Life on board has fallen into a routine of sailing, eating and sleeping. Being woken up for cloud activity happens often so no one is getting good rest and with the temperatures rising it is hot, damn hot! Activity makes you hot and sweaty and down below there is no air circulating.

We have been at sea for a week now and most people have changed their underwear, it is a feeling of a small treat. Little things in life matter when you are at sea for three weeks at a time.

For Frederico and Annalise in the team, this is now the longest time they have spent at sea in one go before. They have adapted well and are enjoying it, although they are still learning about how to live at sea in a small environment and look after your kit and yourself.

Liz is watch buddies with Freddy and I can hear her explain things to him so he understands how to stay dry or when and how to shower when the rain comes and also what to wear in the varying conditions we are experiencing.

The irony for Freddy and Annalise is how the watches have worked out. For two hours Freddy is with all the girls and for two hours Annalise is with all the boys. There is lots of banter and everyone is giving as good as they receive.