GB sprinter Imani Lansiquot sets PB in Switzerland and loses luggage!


Last Updated: 11/07/19 5:48pm

Imani Lansiquot swaps her spikes for a headset and meets Anthony Joshua
Imani Lansiquot swaps her spikes for a headset and meets Anthony Joshua

Lost luggage, two personal bests, catching up on your favourite TV show, retuning your head and becoming the fourth fastest female in Britain...

GB sprinter Imani Lansiquot is still coming back down to earth after a crazy few days in Switzerland.

It's no wonder the 21-year-old Sky Sports Scholar acted "weird" (her own description) for 24 hours when she got home. So what happened? She explains in her own words...

Aside from the 22 seconds I ran in La Chaux-de-Fonds, it was all a bit of a mess!

And it all finished off with losing my bag! I got back to the airport in London late and I found out I had no luggage, no inflatable recovery boots, no watch which I had won after the race and no make-up - my biggest loss!

At least my running was good! I had a really good session in the build-up in Switzerland and I knew I was in very good shape.

I was unsure how the wind conditions would treat us but my aim this time was to win. This is what my coach told me to do!

He said I needed to start winning and get serious. It's a head thing and with it being early in the season I'd been focusing on technique and I was losing my competitive edge.

Imani Lansiquot swaps her spikes for a headset and meets Anthony Joshua
Imani Lansiquot swaps her spikes for a headset and meets Anthony Joshua

My coach said I'd been training all year and that my technique would come. He also said I may not run the perfect race but I'd be fast and I should see what would happen!

I was second in my first race with a time of 11.14 which was good but I wasn't very happy not to win! It was so hot though and there was no indoor facility to chill.

There was no ice or water and the place took me back to my old days. We had three hours to kill and so I spoke to my dad and coach and watch Line of Duty! I was told to just relax and run fast.

That's why I wanted the distractions while waiting but I actually felt I would run a personal best.

At the end of the race I had no idea what was going on, because the announcement wasn't in English, until a Swiss runner came up to me and told me I'd run 11.09! It was a very big moment for me and it made me the fourth fastest Brit.

It also puts me in the top 20 fastest for this year. It's such a good feeling and along with ending my exams in June and getting rid of all that stress, it feels like all my hard work is paying off bit by bit.

My coach wasn't that excited about the race!

He was so calm but he knows it's early in the season and we haven't got time to be complacent this year.

After a race I always give myself 24 hours to be weird! Whether I've done good or bad! Then I put my rational hat back on.

If I run badly I think erratically and I feel I need to quit! It's all just mental though and as I've got older I've got better with coping with my highs and lows.

One more high to tell you about was running my first 200m since I was 14 - it was 23.40 which was another personal best.

Off the track, I found out recently I got a 2:1 after the second year of my psychology degree at King's College in London and I burst into tears because I wanted a first!

I was on an athletics training camp during all my revision so I can't be too hard on myself but it's just that I'm so passionate about my degree.

It's always a sacrifice with my sport but I love university and running and it gives me a great balance and helps with my high-processing head!

And to finish off, my news flash is that my suitcase finally turned up!