Watch all of Sky's UEFA Champions League games online

Watch all of Sky's Heineken Cup games online

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What is the Events Centre?

The Sky Sports Event Centre allows you to watch all of Sky's UEFA Champions League and Heineken Cup games online

Giving you complete control over what, where and how you view the match. At the click of a button you can navigate your way through all the key moments of a game, viewing player or match statistics, watch match related video and even interact with other online fans during a live match. The Sky Sports Events Centre is available to Sky Sports and Sky Go customers with a dual sports subscription. Sign in to now to get involved with everything that the Events Centre has to offer.


Match Stats and Heat Maps

Keep your finger on the pulse, with live updates of team line-ups, heat maps, historical and live statistics. Follow player shots, passes and tackles whilst watching the game.


Pause, rewind and replay live TV

Want to replay an exciting moment in the game? Use the player control features to pause, replay, fast-forward or watch in slow motion. Browse key moments using the timeline for each match.


Watch up to 8 matches

Can't decide on which match to watch or missed your favourite team's game? Jump from ground to ground and watch replays in your own time.


Social Features

See what like minded fans and Sky Sports users are watching, with the Events Centre social network features. Share your thoughts on the latest red card or penalty using the intergrated social networking features.