Sochi 2014

Winter Olympics: Elise Christie settling in for short-track medal hunt in Sochi


Last Updated: 03/02/14 11:15am

Elise Christie: Is determined to leave Sochi with no regrets

Elise Christie: Is determined to leave Sochi with no regrets

Elise Christie gets her Winter Olympics started in a week's time and having had time to settle in and get used to her surroundings in Sochi, the 23-year-old Scot is impressed.

The European 1,000m short-track champion begins her pursuit of a medal with the 500m heats and will also compete in the 1,500m before her favoured distance, the 1,000m, gets under way on 18th February.

With her competing over such a prolonged period of time the importance of feeling comfortable away from the rink cannot be underestimated and Christie has few complaints.

"I've been saying to everyone, it's been really good," she said. "The people have been really nice and the rooms are really good. It's luxury for us short-trackers, really.

"The only downfall is the fact you have to walk miles to get to the rink. An hour of walking."


Any medal would be a fine achievement for both Christie and Great Britain, who have yet to win short-track gold since it became a full Olympic event in 1992.

However, the Sky Academy Sports Scholar refuses to use medals as the sole barometer of her success.

"I told myself that I can't base my life around a medal, particularly with the sport I am in. I have to base it on having no regrets," she explained.

That's not to say she won't be going all out in her bid to make history for Britain in this most unpredictable of sports.

"What's the point if you're not going to live on the edge?" added Christie. "You only get one shot at it."