Sky Academy Sports Scholarships: Lucy Garner blogs on the Women's Tour and her good start

Last Updated: 26/03/2017, 14:59 GMT

Lucy Garner: Secured another podium finish at the Women's Tour

The first part of the season will be shortly over. I am really happy how all the races have gone and especially happy to have been on the podium three times in one-day stage races.

I have just taken part in the first Women’s Tour, which was amazing! I have never experienced the crowds and support we had in a race ever before and it was so nice to see so many people getting involved and interested in women’s cycling.

Throughout the five tough days of racing I managed to get sixth, fifth, eighth, third and 12th. I was happy with how consistent I was throughout the days and my goal was to get a top three finish in a stage and I managed to do that.

Some of my results weren’t as good as I had hoped for but it was good for me to be able to sprint at the end of each stage. It was a shame my own team couldn’t be there racing but I think as a young GB team we held our own and raced well.

Unfortunately, right after the Tour I came down with a bad flu and fever virus. Nearly one week on and I’m still not on my bike but taking the recovery I need to make sure I come back as well as I can.