Sky Academy Sports Scholarships: Siobhan-Marie O'Connor blogs on going behind the scenes at Sky Studios

Last Updated: 26/03/2017, 14:40 GMT

Siobhan-Marie O'Connor: Was live on Sky Sports News during her visit to Sky Studios

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited up to the Sky Sports Studios with Sky Scholarships and I had a really great day.

The Sky Sports Studios building is amazing, and as soon as I walked in the front entrance there was a huge picture of the 11 scholars which was pretty cool.

My mentor, Anna Woolhouse, was on air on Sky Sports News that day from 10am-3pm so my first experience of the day was sitting in on the daily editorial meeting with her, her co-presenter, John Davies, and all the other people who put the show together. It was so interesting to see how much detail and co-ordination it takes for the show to run so smoothly.

After the meeting, Jamie took me on a tour of the Studios where I was able to test out my F1 driving skills on a simulator. Unfortunately I was pretty poor at this and didn’t actually manage to get the car to go in a straight line.

I then joined Anna in make-up before going into the studio where I was able to watch what goes on during a live broadcast. I sat next to Anna and was able to read the autocue and hear in my headset her instructions and cues. It was so confusing and unbelievably hard to keep up, but it was really impressive to see how seamless both Anna and John made it.

About an hour into the show it was time for my live interview with Anna. I was really nervous as I had never done a live studio interview before, but after a shaky start I was able to relax into it, and found that it wasn’t so scary and was actually good fun.


After my interview I was then taken up to the gallery to see what goes on behind the scenes of the show. The gallery was such a cool high-tech room with lots of monitors and buttons. I sat with the producers who explained to me what their role was and briefly how the program ran.

There was a running feed which was extremely detailed and ran to the exact second but it was constantly changing and updated with new stories coming in and ones they had to delay if someone was running late. Again, it was incredibly complicated and so busy but massively interesting, and I really enjoyed the experience.

After this I met Elise Christie, a fellow Sky Academy Sports Scholar. She was lovely and it was great to meet her properly for the first time.

In the afternoon, Elise and I had a photo shoot where we had our hair and make-up done by one of the great stylists at Sky, Francesca. This was so much fun and we both really enjoyed the change from our normal sporting attire.

It was great for the girls on the Scholarship to be given the opportunity to have some fun photos taken away from our normal daytime environment, and I really enjoyed having my hair and make-up done properly.

I had a really fantastic day at Sky and it made me even more grateful to be part of such an amazing company who have so much to offer and who treat us so well. I love being able to maximize the many opportunities available to me with the Sky Academy Sports Scholarship programme and the experience I have gained with them so far is something that I know I am incredibly lucky to have.