F1 2018: The final qualifying scores

Alonso beats Vandoorne 21-0, while Verstappen and Ocon dominate their experienced team-mates; The full results

Who dominated their team-mate in qualifying? Who had a season to forget? We now have the final F1 2018 head-to-head scores...


Final score: Lewis Hamilton 15-6 Valtteri Bottas
Average gap: -0.171s for Hamilton

Bottas stayed in touch with Hamilton up until the summer break, and was only 6-5 down in this head-to-head at one stage. But Hamilton went into overdrive in the second half of the season, in the title race and in qualifying.

Bottas would outpace Hamilton just once more in F1 2018, when sealing his second pole of the season in Russia, while Hamilton finished the year with 11 pole positions.


Final score: Sebastian Vettel 17-4 Kimi Raikkonen
Average gap: -0.256 for Vettel


Vettel has dominated Raikkonen in qualifying for the majority of their three seasons together, and it was no different this year. The German also secured five poles to Raikkonen's one, which the Finn grabbed in Monza - the weekend when Kimi was told he was being dropped.

Red Bull

Final score: Max Verstappen 15-5 Daniel Ricciardo
Average gap: -0.145 for Verstappen

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A surprise head-to-head score? Yes. A thoroughly impressive season from Verstappen? Absolutely.

Ricciardo consistently had no match for Verstappen on a Saturday, although the Australian did notch Red Bull's only two pole positions of the year.


Final score: Nico Hulkenberg 13-8 Carlos Sainz
Average gap: -0.101 for Hulkenberg

It's tough to beat the consistent Hulkenberg over a season, but Sainz certainly wasn't completely overawed in his first full season at Renault.

The Spaniard secured the team's best Saturday result of the season, qualifying fifth in Hungary, while he also reached Q3 twice more than Hulkenberg


Final score: Romain Grosjean 11-8 Kevin Magnussen
Average gap: -0.253 for Grosjean

The Haas battle was the closest qualifying head-to-head of the season, and Grosjean did well to claw back the advantage after a sloppy start to the season. He was 7-3 down to Magnussen at one stage.

The Frenchman also made Q3 16 times to his team-mate's 10, though Magnussen did impressively qualify fifth on two occasions.

Force India

Final score: Esteban Ocon 16-5 Sergio Perez
Average gap: -0.115 for Ocon

A wonderful year in terms of qualifying for Ocon, and the Mercedes protege is certainly unlucky not to have a place on the F1 2019 grid. He even qualified third in Belgium, which was the best result of the season from a driver who wasn't in a Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull.


Final score: Fernando Alonso 21-0 Stoffel Vandoorne
Average gap: -0.392 for Alonso

Well it doesn't get any more comprehensive than that. Alonso completed the first qualifying whitewash over a full season since... Alonso v Nelson Piquet Jr in 2008!

It was a torrid year for Vandoorne, who failed to make it out of Q1 on 15 occasions. Alonso exited the first portion of qualifying just six times.


Final score: Charles Leclerc 17-4 Marcus Ericsson
Average gap: -0.510 for Leclerc

A great rookie year for Leclerc in F1, who recovered from being outpaced by the experienced Ericsson in the season's first two qualifying sessions. He also made Q3 seven times, and it's no wonder Ferrari came calling.

Toro Rosso

Final score: Pierre Gasly 13-6 Brendon Hartley
Average gap: -0.118 for Gasly

Toro Rosso were often facing grid penalties on Saturdays but it was Gasly who comfortably saw off Hartley in qualifying. Gasly qualified in the top-10 six times to Hartley's two.


Final score: Sergey Sirotkin 12-8 Lance Stroll
Average gap: -0.066 for Sirotkin

A fine effort from Sirotkin, though he didn't do enough to keep his place in 2019. Stroll will be disappointed by his Saturday performances, but did produce Williams' best qualy result of the season, coming 10th in Italy.

What are the final qualifying scores?

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton 15-6 Valtteri Bottas
Ferrari Sebastian Vettel 17-4 Kimi Raikkonen
Red Bull Max Verstappen* 15-5 Daniel Ricciardo
Renault Nico Hulkenberg 13-8 Carlos Sainz
Haas Romain Grosjean** 11-8 Kevin Magnussen
McLaren Fernando Alonso 21-0 Stoffel Vandoorne
Force India Esteban Ocon 16-5 Sergio Perez
Toro Rosso Pierre Gasly 13-6 Brendon Hartley**
Sauber Charles Leclerc 17-4 Marcus Ericsson
Williams Sergey Sirotkin 12-8 Lance Stroll*
* Missed 1 Qualy
**Missed 2 Qualys

Criteria for the 'missed qualys' is no laps completed in any session.

Drivers ranked by average gap to team-mate

Driver Team-mate Av. qualifying gap
Charles Leclerc (Sauber) Marcus Ericsson -0.510
Fernando Alonso (McLaren) Stoffel Vandoorne -0.392 
Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) Kimi Raikkonen -0.256
Romain Grosjean (Haas) Kevin Magnussen -0.253
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) Valtteri Bottas -0.171s
Max Verstappen (Red Bull) Daniel Ricciardo -0.145
Pierre Gasly (Toro Rosso) Brendon Hartley -0.118 
Esteban Ocon (Force India) Sergio Perez -0.115
Nico Hulkenberg (Renault) Carlos Sainz -0.101
Sergey Sirotkin (Williams) Lance Stroll -0.066 

Gaps of +5s in qualifying (in wet sessions such as Hungary and Belgium) have not been included in season average.

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