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Joe Rose on It's handy Carroll!

"I'm a big fan Chris, great column as usual. I'm one of many happy baggies fan, who are hailing Roy Hodgson for the work he has done. Firstly under Di Matteo we played good football but ... " View all comments

No fun of the Mil

Chris Kamara's Premier League talking points

Chris Kamara - Chris Kamara Posted 17th October 2011 view comments

Every Saturday afternoon, Chris Kamara heads to stadiums up and down the country to deliver his unique match reports for Soccer Saturday.

On Sundays you can see him back in the Sky Sports studios as he brings you all of the highlights as well as in-depth analysis of all the action on Goals on Sunday.

And then on Mondays you can find Kammy right here on as he brings you his views on the weekend.

Man City: showed their strength, says Kammy

Man City: showed their strength, says Kammy

Join us every week as he runs through his highs and lows of the Premier League...

Man City showed the strength of their squad...

Joe Hart aside, Roberto Mancini left out all the players who'd played for their national teams in the game against Aston Villa and that meant stars like Samir Nasri, Edin Dzeko and David Silva were on the bench. To be able to do that - and still dominate the game - was incredible. No other team, not even Manchester United and Chelsea, can call on the bench that they can. No other team has as many goalscorers in its squad.

Why doesn't Carlos Tevez apologise?

Why doesn't he hold his hands up to Mancini and the Man City fans and admit he was out of order? Why not promise to give his absolute best for the team until January and then leave on a high? He can't go anywhere until then, so why not try to leave on a good note? That would resolve the problem without the need for inquiries or training with the youth team. This issue is going to hang over them until he's out of the door. If his advisors can't see that's the way forward then he's got no chance.

James Milner should have celebrated his fabulous goal...

There were some great goals this weekend, but Milner's was the best - and yet he didn't celebrate it. I know he used to play for Aston Villa, but I don't think their fans would mind you celebrating as long as you don't go over the top like Emmanuel Adebayor did against Arsenal. The home fans and your teammates want you to celebrate the best goal of your career, but he suppressed himself because he didn't want to upset one or two Aston Villa fans. I think 90 per cent of footballers are cleverer than that, they know most footballers will move on and they appreciate that, as long as you're not kissing another badge in front of their faces.

It made sense to put Wayne Rooney on the bench...

On last week's Goals on Sunday, Gus Poyet said he would have considered leaving Wayne Rooney on the bench for the England game because of what he'd been through with his dad being all over the newspapers. I don't think Sir Alex Ferguson left him out because of that betting scandal, but because of how much he was hurting over his three-game ban for Euro 2012. He wasn't trying to make a statement towards the player, I just think he didn't want him to go onto the pitch in the wrong frame of mind and do something stupid.

It's hard to say whether Charlie Adam was fouled or not...

If you're travelling at pace then you will lose your balance, even if the contact from the opponent is only minimal. However, if you don't go down then you don't get the free-kick. From where the referee was, it looked like a clear free-kick, but when you slowed it down on television it was hard to see the contact. There's no rights and wrongs in that situation and both sides are correct in what they're saying. If a goal hadn't been scored directly from that incident then nobody would be talking about whether it should have been a free-kick in the first place.

Wolves aren't playing well, but it's still early days...

I heard on the radio that this was Wolves' worst start to a season in a long time, which is incredible after they won their first two games. They can't be too upset because they're not in the bottom three at this moment, but I'm sure Mick McCarthy won't be too delighted with the way they're performing. It's hard for the supporters to lose to West Brom, but I don't think they should call for a change of manager. Who would they get in? If they want to spend money on a new manager, why not just give that money to Mick to spend in January? The supporters' concerns are natural, but he hasn't become a bad manager. Just look at Bolton - they didn't call for Owen Coyle's head and they were rewarded with a big win over Wigan.

Alan Pardew deserves more praise for the job he's doing...

For a team that is still unbeaten they haven't had enough of a mention. People expected them to lose to Tottenham, but they twice came from behind and got a draw. I'm sure Alan will tell everybody his first priority is to get to 40 points, but there's still no reason why they can't challenge for European football. The same can be said of Stoke, who are up to seventh now and are flying.

It's hard to believe Anthony Pilkington was playing League One football last year...

I remember asking Huddersfield boss Lee Clark who was better out of Pilkington and Jordan Rhodes last season and he couldn't really split them. He said if push came to shove he'd say Pilkington, but there wasn't a lot in it. I thought it would be hard for him in the Premier League and he missed a great chance against Manchester United, but that didn't dent his confidence and he scored two crackers against Swansea. Good on him.

The table isn't taking shape just yet...

I think you need to wait for a dozen games before you can say that. Arsenal didn't play very well against Sunderland, but when they do start playing well there's a good chance they will jump above the likes of Aston Villa, Newcastle and Stoke. Sunderland aren't playing well, but they could still move up, you just don't know. Chelsea are going about their business efficiently and maybe they are more in the title mix than people are saying.

Neil Warnock isn't going to change attitudes towards football boots...

He says DJ Campbell got injured because his boots are like "slippers", but I can't see players digging out the old heavy leather boots again. The modern footballer wants to feel the ball close to his feet and you have to move with the times. Modern football boots are very thin, but injuries are few and far between. We seemed to have an epidemic of metatarsal injuries a few years ago, but most injuries aren't due to direct kicks, they're due to issues within the bones themselves. Campbell might have broken his foot with heavy boots on, you never know.

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James Ireson (Hereford United fan) says...

With regards to the Milner non-celebration, I think there is an argument for both sides. When Cristiano Ronaldo scored for Utd against Lisbon away, he didn't celebrate - he almost apologised! But when he netted a free kick at OT against his former side he was more than happy to share the goal with the United fans, without causing any unrest amongst the away supporters. Like you said, players just need to be a bit clever with it. As far as Charlie Adam goes, it's a shame that the football world we now live in constitutes that amount of contact as a foul. But these, unfortunately, are the times we live in. He shouldn't have gone down, but he also shouldn't have been allowed to get to where he was so easily. The resulting goal should also have never gone in if the wall did its jobs. And this is why we love football! Ifs and buts...

Posted 15:40 18th October 2011

Jon H says...

Crikey Kammy you've ruffled a few feathers with your article this week!! Personally (on the Milner comment) I can see both sides. Milner has already proved he is a very intelligent guy so I am sure he is aware of his debt to AVFC. That said however, Man C were already 3-1 up at the time and cruising. Do you believe that his reaction to his goal would have been the same had it been a winner in stoppage time? My answer is no it would not. I'm sure he would still have been respectful in celebration. Good article otherwise, fair play to Pardew, most people had written him off before he started and given the players that left at the start of the season, no pundit on the planet would have predicted this start, even if the teams played have not been the strongest. And it's great to see Norwich City doing well, Paul Lambert is getting nowhere near enough praise for the work he has done to date. Oh and it was a free kick (Adam), contact was admitted by Ferdinand and you know full well that had tables been turned Man U fans would be saying it was a free kick (as ALL fans would).

Posted 13:30 18th October 2011

Tris Jackson (Juventus fan) says...

I disagree with your comment regarding James Milner celebrating. It's not just to avoid upsetting the Villa fans, it's a mark of respect. He acknowledges that Villa made him the player he is now, and obviously still has good feelings about the club. It's not as if the Man City fans think he wouldn't try against his former club, he's a proffesional after all. This is a much more observed tradition in Italy when players have left clubs on good terms, and it's appreciated by all the fans. Here's an analogy that I think sums it up: imagine walking down the street with your spouse, when you bump into your ex, with whom you'd parted on good terms. There's no need to kiss your current partner in front of them, they know you're with them now. It's just showing respect to all parties.

Posted 09:38 18th October 2011

James Sloan (Newcastle United fan) says...

Your assumption here Kammy is that Tevez has actually done something wrong! The rule is innocent until proven guilty and he is claiming he has done nothing wrong and it was a communication error. This may or may not be true I do not know, but it is unfair to say he must apologise and admit wrongdoing especially before it has been fully investigated!

Posted 09:34 18th October 2011

Sam Pettit (Aston Villa fan) says...

James Milner's reluctance to celebrate his goal wasn't because he was concerned it would upset Aston Villa fans. He did it as a mark of respect to a previous club and I applaud him for it. He had several good seasons at Villa Park and it paved the way for him to move to a top side. I was disappointed to see him leave, but I'm glad he is now making regular appearances in the side. And it was undoubtedly one of, if not the best goal of his career.

Posted 07:41 18th October 2011

David Di souza (Liverpool fan) says...

Chris Kamara's "opinion" on James Milner's goal celebration is ridiculous. The guy used to play for Villa and he was only showing them and their fans a bit of respect. It was the classy thing to do. A quality all too often lacking in the game.. and something you would think an ex professional would applaud and not criticise. Well done James Milner.

Posted 05:39 18th October 2011

David Williams (Aston Villa fan) says...

milner wouldnt be where he is today without villa, we loaned him when he was a teenager which got him into the newcastle squad, then we bought him and turned him into a top quality central midfielder/winger. he owes his career to us and atleast he knows it.

Posted 20:16 17th October 2011

Harry Kroner (Manchester United fan) says...

I have to agree with most aspects of his article Kammy. I think Pardew has done a great job so far at Newcastle, however it is early days and I would expect them to drop from their 4th place position in due time, but I wouldn't be surprised if they finished in a top 8 position, which would be great for them. In terms of whether Milner should've celebrated or not, I would say that he made the correct decision. It gained him alot of respect from the Villa fans and it shows that he does take into consideration the feelings of the fans. Pilkington has been superb so far this season. You wouldn't even have known that he played in League 1 last season! Wolves are going through a rough patch, having not won their last 5 games, but I don't expect them to go down. They've got a great manager in Mick McCarthy and when his top stars start to perform, such as Doyle and Jarvis, then I think that they can start winning games. Rooney starting on the bench, in my opinion which a good tactical move from Sir Alex. It was clear that Rooney was likely to not be in the right frame of mind and a trip to Liverpool was the worst possible match for him after his terrible week with England. Moreover, it was quite clear that Sir Alex was going for a defensive approach, having played a 4-5-1 with only Wellbeck being the making goal scorer on the pitch.

Posted 18:12 17th October 2011

Harry Hosk (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I am sorry Kammy I have to take issue your point about the Charlie Adam "fraud." That guy dived, whatever way you look at it. And you are saying if you don't go over when someone touches you then you don't get a free-kick. Well that's true and that will be because you "haven't actually been fouled". I I appreciate you have to keep in with these boys as it's your job, so you are not going to have a go at them, but you never did that kind of thing when I watched you play at Swindon and nor did many other players in the UK. That was the sort of thing the Europeans were famous for. Now it seems the disease has spread to the Premier League - and sadly commentators like yourself are condoning it. Tsk, tsk.

Posted 18:06 17th October 2011

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