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Struggles all round

Kevin Cadle previews the clash between the Cowboys and Steelers

Kevin Cadle Posted 15th December 2012 view comments

The second clash in Sky Sports' NFL double-header on Sunday sees the Pittsburgh Steelers travel to Texas to take on the Dallas Cowboys.

Despite high expectations both teams are currently scrapping it out for the wildcard spots in their respective conferences and our expert Kevin Cadle does not think either of them are firing on all cylinders.

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-6) @ Dallas Cowboys (7-6), Sun 9.15pm, Sky Sports 2HD

Whichever teams wins almost knocks the other team out of the play-offs so both need to win to stay in the running.

Tony Romo: Will his inconsistency continue against the Steelers?

Tony Romo: Will his inconsistency continue against the Steelers?

The thing about it is: the Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium are nothing to be feared, their home regular season record since Cowboys Stadium became a reality is 16-14. It is not a fortress at all, other teams go there and they feel very comfortable playing there.

But the Steelers are coming off a terrible loss against the Chargers. They got Ben Roethlisberger back from injury but they ended up still losing. They are still in position for that wildcard but they've had their one blown opportunity that they could give away, I don't think they can afford to give away another one.

I've always said I don't trust the Cowboys, you just don't know which Tony Romo is going to show up.

Last week they were very fortunate to beat the Cincinnati Bengals - on the last drive the Bengals dropped three interceptions and any one of them would have sealed the fate of the Cowboys. So I just don't know about this Dallas team, they offer a lot but deliver very little.


Recently their results have been improving and, at the end of the day, it's all about if you win or if you lose. So they do have that going for them but when a game becomes vitally important, they have laid a duck egg over and over.

But then I don't know what condition the Steelers are in either. The running game is just so-so, Big Ben is in his second week back so that should add to that.

The defence is not as dominant as in the past, so we've got two teams that are basically reeling right now. Neither one of them is a dominant team so this is a straight-up coin flip here.

Big Ben should be better this week now he's played and the rest of the guys have seen that he is not a miracle worker. They have got to work and make it happen together, he's not going to do it alone just because he steps out on the field.

I think that age is finally catching up with the Steelers becausen they really don't have a lot of injury woes anymore - they have Troy Polamalu hurting but he is on his last legs generally as well. I don't see this team being one of the better teams in the AFC.

Kev's Call... This one is up in the year, but like Mike Holmgren said, 'when in doubt go with the home team'.

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