Ronnie O'Sullivan deals with giddy Snooker fan at English Open in Barnsley

"I saved her from getting a rugby tackle"

By PA Sport

Ronnie O'Sullivan had to deal with a stage invader after booking his place in the fourth round of the English Open.


The five-time world champion was about to put the finishing touches to a 4-1 win over Chinese player Zhang Yong when a middle-aged woman evaded security at the Barnsley Metrodome and began running around the table.

Ronnie wears trainers in Barnsley

Ronnie O'Sullivan allowed to wear trainers at English Open in Barnsley

O'Sullivan stayed composed to sink the pink and was one ball away from a total clearance of 136. But rather than pot the black himself he handed his cue to the giddy fan, who was dressed in blue jeans and a grey top and carrying an orange handbag.

"I didn't know what to do at first and she just said, 'I'm just having a jog, I'm just going for a jog'," O'Sullivan told Eurosport.

"And I was like, 'Go on then, carry on then, there's your jog, have a shot as well while you're at it'.

"I thought she was going to pot it. I really wanted her to pot it.

"I thought when the (security) guys came out they were going to rugby tackle her."


O'Sullivan made earlier breaks of 126 and 127, and he said handing her his cue at the end of the match probably saved her the wrath of security.