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Tyson Fury on Daniel Kinahan links: 'It's none of my business'

Prominent names in boxing have been urged to cut ties with Daniel Kinahan, alleged to be the head of an Irish organised crime gang, after he was targeted with sanctions by US government; Kinahan has previously been pictured with world heavyweight champion Fury

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Tyson Fury moved to distance himself from links to alleged crime boss Daniel Kinahan, who was sanctioned by the US government last week. Fury says sanctions are "none of my concern at all".

Tyson Fury says Daniel Kinahan's US government sanctions are "none of my business" and his sole focus is on the upcoming world heavyweight fight with Dillian Whyte.

Prominent names in boxing have been urged to cut ties with Kinahan, alleged to be the head of an Irish organised crime gang, after he was targeted with sanctions by the US government. Kinahan has always denied any wrongdoing.

He has previously been pictured with world heavyweight champion Fury, but speaking to Sky Sports News ahead of Saturday's fight with Dillian Whyte at Wembley, Fury said he had not had any business dealings with Kinahan "for a long time" and repeatedly insisted it was "none of his concern".

Tyson Fury with Daniel Kinahan in March 2017 (Credit: @Tyson_Fury
Image: Tyson Fury with Daniel Kinahan in March 2017 (Credit: @Tyson_Fury

Question: We had the situation last week with Daniel Kinahan sanctioned by the US government - what was your relationship with him and going forward?

Tyson Fury: I've just had a million questions about this rubbish before, but like I've said to them, it's none of my business, and I don't get involved in others' business, so it doesn't really concern me.

Q: Was he involved in this fight?

TF: No, no involvement.

Q: Do you still speak to him? Is he still somebody that is close to you?

TF: He's not my father, let's just say that.

Q: A lot has been made of the fact you were pictured with him in February, does that suggest you are still close to him?

TF: To be honest I've never been close to anybody apart from my wife and kids, so there we are.

Q: It's obviously a serious matter…

TF: But again it's none of my concern or interest.

Q: He was somebody you had business dealings with, do your regret being close to him?

TF: As I say, none of my interest, none of my concern at all. I don't regret anything, life is too short for regrets. None of my business or concern. Someone asked me about Ukraine recently, none of my concern or business. Nothing to with me. I keep my own business to myself.

Q: The difference between that and Ukraine is obviously Daniel Kinahan is someone you've had personal business relationships with

TF: Yeah but I've also had a personal business relationship with Wladimir Klitschko haven't I? Don't forget we made each other millions of dollars. So it's the same, isn't it?

Q: It's slightly different because you don't have personal involvement in the war in Ukraine, this is something you have had a personal involvement in…

TF: OK, and what do you want me to do about that?

Q: I'm just asking you…

TF: And I've told you, three times, that it's nothing to do with me, and I don't care

Q: But it was something to do with you in the past.

TF: What a man does in his own business is none of my concern, I am a boxing man, I don't get involved in anyone's business at all. I don't care what you've done, I'm only concerned in what I do, and I don't do anything apart from box. End of.

Q: Going forward, having seen what US authorities have said will you be severing ties with him?

TF: What the US have said they've said, and that's it, we have to listen to the government, and that's what we do. End of. Because I don't want to get into trouble with the US government, and I never have been, and that's it.

Q: So you won't be dealing with him business-wise going forward then?

TF: I haven't done any dealing business with him for a long time. I think there was a statement released in 2020, so that was the end of the business. The fight with Joshua didn't happen and that was it.

Q: Bob Arum said he'd made more than a million dollars…

TF: I seen that.

Q: So he was involved in those fights?

TF: What Bob Arum does with his own money is his own business. If he goes to spend it on gummy bears or cans of pop, I don't care what he does with it. He's got plenty to give out, so what Bob does with his own money isn't my concern. When you get paid your wages, what you spend it on is not my concern, because it's not my money.

Q: Final question, you are heavyweight champion of the world, an idol, role model to millions around the world, surely this is something you need to distance yourself from…

TF: I think it's going to be a great fight on the night. I'm not here to talk politics, war or religion from you, trying to probe for me to say something. I'm not interested in others' concerns. Don't care, none of my business. I'm a boxing man and I've got a fight to think about, enough said.

Thank you very much and I won't be doing any more interviews with Sky.

Tyson Fury was earlier interviewed by Sky Sports News about his world title fight against Dillian Whyte...

Q: What kind of shape are you in mentally, physically, emotionally?

TF: Mentally, physically, emotionally I am in fantastic shape, I've had a good training camp, and that's not much more I can say, that's it.

Q: What kind of occasion is it going to be on Saturday, with 94,000 at Wembley, a record crowd, first time for a long time…

TF: I think it's going to be absolutely fantastic, 94,000 screaming Brits, all well oiled up on the night, it's going to be a night to remember for sure.

Q: How dangerous is Whyte going to be?

TF: He's as dangerous as any heavyweight out there. He's coming in hungry, he wants to win this fight, and he's as dangerous as anybody else, let's just say that.

Q: How do you he will approach the fight? People say it will be a real clash of styles

TF: I don't really know to be fair. Whatever A game he brings, I'll bring one, and the best man will win on the night. I don't' really anticipate what the opponent is going to do. I just go and do what I'm going to do, hopefully it's good enough, and if it's not we won't cry about it, we'll go out, we'll have a glass of beer and go home.

Q: What do you think of his approach to the build-up to the fight?

TF: That's his business not mine, and that's it.

Q: Do you think you've got inside his head at all?

TF: I don't think that's really relevant, I've not seen the guy, not seen him in years actually.

Q: Will it be more special fighting in front of home fans? It's a long time since they've been able to see you live…

TF: It's going to be very special, it's been a while, we've been away for a minute, but I'm back now, and looking forward to a great night of boxing.

MTK to cease operations

MTK Global have confirmed they are ceasing operations.

The company released a statement on Wednesday afternoon, saying the 'business has faced unprecedented levels of unfair scrutiny and criticism since the sanctioning by the US government of Daniel Joseph Kinahan'.

In a statement, the company again stated Kinahan has had no involvement in the company since 2017.

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