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Scott Quigg will return in November with Carl Frampton rematch in mind

Scott Quigg ahead of Carl Frampton fight

Scott Quigg will return to the ring in November looking to regain a world title and seeking a rematch with Carl Frampton.

The former WBA super-bantamweight world champion has not boxed since losing a unification showdown with his British rival in February, suffering a fractured jaw in the process.

Quigg (31-1-2-KO23) had metal plates inserted into his jaw which have now been removed due to a reaction that "left me looking like the Elephant Man for a few days" but is expecting to start sparring next week.

That was the biggest fight of my career but it didn't go my way. If you want to move down a different path, it is quitting
Scott Quigg

Frampton has moved up to featherweight and will challenge WBA 'Super' champion Leo Santa Cruz at the end of the month, and Quigg would happily do the same with another all-British battle still firmly in his sights.

An x-ray shows the fracture Scott Quigg has sustained to his jaw.
Image: Scott Quigg's jaw is fixed and sparring should begin next week

"I am going for an X-ray on Friday for peace of mind and I can then start sparring and I'll be going full steam ahead," he told Sky Sports in an exclusive interview.

"I'll be doing a camp before a camp but I am now looking to make progress and I'm aiming for November. I will go straight back at the top level. I want to get back to the very top as soon as possible.

"It's not me being stupid because if I didn't know how I was doing or how my weight was, I would go for a low-key return. But don't get me wrong I see myself moving up, certainly not too far in the future - pretty soon in fact - because at the end of the day I want that rematch with Frampton.

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Carl Frampton is fighting up at featherweight at the end of the month

"If I came up to you and nicked your wallet, you'd want it back wouldn't you? And do anything to get it back. I see people saying 'he needs to move on', but move on where?

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"At the end of the day I am a winner and I want to avenge that loss. That was the biggest fight of my career but it didn't go my way. If you want to move down a different path, it is quitting."

Quigg, who reigned as world champion for two years, is already looking at a world title fight on his return.

He has one eye on WBC champion Hugo Ruiz, who defends against Hozumi Hasegawa in September, although fellow British super-bantamweight Gavin McDonnell holds the Silver title and is higher up the rankings.

Jonathan Guzman celebrates after defeating Danny Aquino during their Super Bantamweight bout on October 10, 2015.
Image: Jonathan Guzman is fighting for the vacant IBF super-bantamweight world title

Quigg is also waiting to see who emerges victorious when Shingo Wake fights Jonathan Guzman in Japan next week for the IBF title vacated by Frampton.

"I've spoken with Eddie Hearn a few times and we are working on a few names," he said.

"There's the winner of Wake and Guzman for the IBF or the WBC champion Hugo Ruiz - I would really like that but there are also options at featherweight.

"I am big for my weight so if a world title fight at featherweight came up I would be in a good place. Wherever I can get the biggest fights, I want a world title fight."

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