Tony Bellew says David Haye wants to be him, in the ring and in Hollywood

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David Haye and Tony Bellew trade insults as the pair agree a mouthwatering fight at heavyweight on March 4 at London's O2 Arena

Tony Bellew mocked David Haye for his "failing" in Hollywood and says he will do the same when they meet in the ring.

The bitter British rivals went to verbal war again following the announcement of their heavyweight clash, at The O2, on March 4, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

The pair were both on Sky Sports News HQ and Bellew, who recently starred in the American sports drama 'Creed', taunted Haye, who was linked with an acting career following his heavyweight loss to Wladimir Klitschko back in 2011.

Haye v Bellew on Box Office

Haye v Bellew on Box Office

British rivals to fight at heavyweight live on Sky Sports Box Office, on March 4

"Listen David, you wish you were me," said Bellew.

"You wish you were me in that Hollywood movie. You went to Hollywood and failed; you went to Hollywood to try and crack it and failed.

"You've been living in nightclubs ever since.

David Haye
Image: David Haye failed to make Hollywood, says Bellew

"I am the first live fighter since Wladimir Klitschko and let's just get something straight, you didn't fight, you just danced and ran all night."

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Bellew suggested Haye, the former undisputed world crusierweight champion, spends his life in nightclubs, before again laughing off his recent opponents.

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The bitter history behind the Haye v Bellew rivalry which will be settled on March 4 at the O2 Arena

The Everton fan and current holder of the coveted WBC greet belt at 200lbs, went on to mock his looks, saying both fighters are 6ft 3in only for the Londoner's "stupid hairstyle" making him "about 6ft 9in", but was serious when giving his prediction.

"It's quite simple, I hit him clean on the chin, he goes to sleep," he said.

"I only need to hit him on the top of the chin, the top of the head, anywhere, other guys wobble and struggle, lesser guys than me.

Bellew's a coward

Bellew's a coward

Haye pulls no punches as Sky Sports Box Office event is confirmed

"If I hit him clean he's going. But I am under no illusion that if he hits me first, I'm going too. This is high-class boxing and this is what happens when two punchers meet. 

"The main thing is I get in there and if this fights gets down to guts and determination or anything that goes beyond four rounds, David is going to quit. 

"David's going to b****, because that's what he is."

Tale of the Tape - David Haye v Tony Bellew
Image: Tale of the Tape - David Haye v Tony Bellew

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