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Anthony Joshua wants to topple Tyson Fury but there is no winning formula to follow or similar heavyweights to spar

Anthony Joshua has been warned about the difficulties of preparing for Tyson Fury, with few heavyweights able to imitate his British rival, who can ruin a trainer's tactics at any moment in their world title fight

Anthony Joshua
Image: Anthony Joshua could soon be preparing for a massive fight against Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury tore up a British rival's tactics on two occasions, while a former sparring partner has also warned Anthony Joshua about his 'impossible' task...

Joshua is expected to face Fury in an undisputed world title fight this year, with their promotional teams currently finalising terms for a blockbuster battle that will decide the sport's No 1 heavyweight.

But how can Joshua find a way to topple the unbeaten Fury, with no successful tactics to follow or similar heavyweights to spar?

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury
Image: Joshua and Fury are set to fight for all the world heavyweight titles

The trainer who was twice thwarted by Tyson

Don Charles had the task of plotting Fury's downfall in 2011 and 2014, but his fighter Derek Chisora was left bemused and bloodied on both occasions.

Don Charles, Derek Chisora
Image: Trainer Don Charles prepared Derek Chisora for two fights with Fury

How did you first attempt to ruin Fury's unbeaten record?

When I was doing my study, to research Tyson Fury's weaknesses and his strengths, his weaknesses were that he's open to the overhand right. But that was early on in his career.

We were working daily to get inside and be able to bowl the overhand right. It's not even a straight right. Like a bowler, a looping overhand right.

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Tyson Fury, Derek Chisora
Image: Fury was taking a step-up in class against Chisora
Tyson Fury, Derek Chisora
Image: But the highly-rated contender claimed a points victory

Even back then, when he was still coming through, he was able to avoid being hit with that shot. He did get hit with it a couple of times. He was riding the shot, so it didn't have the full effect on him.

What went wrong in the Fury vs Chisora rematch?

The second time around, we went away and won the European title. I was that convinced that a fitter Derek Chisora would be able to put enough pressure on Tyson Fury and be able to be victorious.

I would bet my house on it, that's how sure I was. Not only myself as a trainer, Derek Chisora promised the press, 'You're going to see the best knockout ever,' he was that sure.

Tyson Fury, Derek Chisora
Image: Fury switched southpaw in the second Chisora fight
Tyson Fury, Derek Chisora
Image: Chisora suffered a 10th round stoppage loss

As soon as the bell rung, he came out in a southpaw style. That effects your game-plan in a major way. We haven't trained for a southpaw.

I had anticipated that he may do something like that. The first time he ever boxed southpaw was against Martin Rogan and we did employ a southpaw (in sparring) during our preparation.

How did you react to Fury's sudden change of stance?

He made us look so ordinary. He took my game-plan to pieces and chucked it at me and literally toyed with my fighter. I'm a very honest man, I say it how it is.
Don Charles

What problems does Fury pose to a trainer?

When it comes to Fury, you're looking at a 6'9" southpaw, very unorthodox and incredible lateral movement, incredible ring IQ.

Even if you ask me today, with all my experience, how do you prepare to beat this guy? It's almost like any game-plan you come up with, he has the ability to change to win the fight. That's the problem for any trainer, training somebody to go and beat Fury.

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Peter Fury says Joshua may find it hard to land his power shots on Tyson Fury

Even after plan A to Z, I'm not exaggerating, it's still not going to be enough. There aren't boxers like that where they adjust during the fight. There are only a few fighters in boxing history who present that kind of attribute.

The sparring partner who knows Fury's secrets

David Allen
Image: David Allen has sparred regularly with Fury in recent years

David Allen has sparred with some of the world's top heavyweights, including numerous sessions with Fury, and questioned whether Joshua can find anyone to replicate an unpredictable opponent.

What tactics might work against Fury?

It's so difficult, because he can do everything. We've seen him in with two elite heavyweights, two world heavyweight champions. In Wladimir Klitschko, we saw him on the back foot, boxing, moving, being awkward like we know he can.

In the Deontay Wilder rematch, he showed us he can come forward, hands high, big punching power, and he can get rid of you. He can beat you up.

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Allen reveals what it's like to spar some of the sport's biggest names

The difficult thing is - he can do everything and anything. Whatever you want to do, he's got the answer.

Tyson is a headache for anyone. I wouldn't want to be the man putting a plan together against someone like him.

Will Tyson switch stance against Joshua?

I wouldn't want to go southpaw against Anthony Joshua, if I was Tyson Fury. We saw with Charles Martin, that Joshua deals well with southpaws and that straight right hand is one of his best punches.

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Look back at Joshua's ruthless stoppage win over Charles Martin

Tyson is a headache for anyone. I wouldn't want to be the man putting a plan together against someone like him.

How do you find a sparring partner like Fury?

I think it's nigh on impossible, to be honest.

Anthony Joshua
Image: Joshua will prime his knockout power in sparring sessions

They need to be tough. The biggest, toughest men you can find. Anthony Joshua doesn't mess about, so you have to be tough to hang in there.

It's great, if you can find a world-class mover, but how many are in the heavyweight division right now? It's a very difficult job, to be honest.

How does Joshua defeat Fury?

Don Charles

Calculated aggression. Try to negate your way into range to be able to land crisp, fast combinations.

I would leave the head alone, don't go anywhere near the head, it's hard to hit Tyson Fury to the head. I would target the body and AJ is more than capable of doing that.

He's got to make it a really physical fight. He can't win against Fury in a boxing match.

David Allen

You're looking to take Tyson Fury out early. Don't let him get into a rhythm. You're firing heavy and you're doing it early on.

You've got to aim for Tyson's chest. You don't aim for Tyson's head with a jab, you're not going to hit him. Once you hit his chest with that solid jab, your right or left hook follows it.

If Joshua hits him, it's game over. I do think Tyson Fury wins, but when you hit as hard as Anthony Joshua, you're in with a chance.

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