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KSI defeated Logan Paul 'so why wouldn't he do the same to Jake Paul', says Kalle Sauerland

Kalle Sauerland on KSI vs Jake Paul: "He has beaten up one brother so he can do the other brother too!"

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KSI speaking last year about a future fight with Jake Paul

KSI can "beat up" Jake Paul in the same way as he defeated Logan Paul, says Kalle Sauerland, who has partnered with the social media superstar.

KSI, his management team Proper Loud and Wasserman Boxing are creating a new promotion "to stage the world's biggest and best celebrity and crossover boxing events".

He could finally settle his rivalry with fellow YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul, says Sauerland, who is the Head of Global Boxing at Wasserman.

Jake Paul, KSI
Image: Jake Paul and KSI clash

"He has beaten up one brother so he can do the other brother too," he told Sky Sports. "Why not?

"This isn't about just one fight, it's about creating a stable, creating longevity.

"We are thinking longer term.

"But KSI kicked Logan Paul's butt so why wouldn't he do the same to Jake?

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"This is one for the future.

"But it's about creating the vision."

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Jake Paul says he will put on a 'boxing clinic' when he fights Tyron Woodley in August

KSI and Logan Paul boxed to a draw as amateurs in an event dubbed "the biggest event in internet history" - they then turned professional and KSI won a rematch. Logan Paul has since gone eight rounds with Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition.

KSI has verbally agreed during an online spat to fight Austin McBroom, a fellow influencer who recently won a boxing tournament between YouTubers and Tik-Tokers.

This was ridiculed by Jake Paul, who wants to avenge his brother's loss to KSI. He said: "[Laugh out loud]. KSI immediately jumping at the opportunity to fight Austin.

"I guess 'music tours' and 'Covid' were only in the way of him fighting me."

Jake Paul has beaten KSI's brother Deji - Jake and KSI have also butted heads in a confrontation where they promised to fight one day.

Jake has won three professional fights and will next face former UFC champion Tyron Woodley on August 28.

What is KSI's new venture?

Sauerland told Sky Sports: "It's ground-breaking, fresh, exciting. We have seen entertainers moving into boxing but this takes it to a whole new level and also adds credibility to it.

"I've been outspoken on certain fights being hard to swallow.

"But the spirit of the movement is a good one - these are young, very successful, famous people who really are training like they are turning pro.

"Match-making will come much more into our project.

"KSI is a self-made superstar at a time where there are lots of these superstars.

"Make the right matches for them - that's the key here. These are novices so must be matched like novices. You can make great fights between novices.

"There will be razzmatazz but we will bring a degree of sporting merit, as well."


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