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Chris Eubank Jr reveals 'delusional' Liam Smith Instagram DMs: 'You couldn't get in my head!'

Chris Eubank Jr reveals Instagram direct messages with Liam Smith; the pair's tense exchange on The Gloves Are Off is available to watch now on Sky Sports On Demand; Watch Eubank Jr take on Smith in Manchester on January 21, live on Sky Sports Box Office

Chris Eubank Jr, Liam Smith
Image: Chris Eubank Jr has revealed direct messages between himself and Liam Smith, before their bout on January 21

Chris Eubank Jr told Liam Smith he was "delusional" after his upcoming opponent told him "you couldn't get in my head", in direct messages exchanged between the pair on social media revealed by Eubank less than a week before the two meet in the ring.

Posting to Instagram, Eubank Jr revealed direct messages between the pair which began on January 6, ahead of their bout on Sky Sports Box Office at the AO Arena in Manchester on January 21.

"Liam 'I'm Not Rattled' Smith decided to slide into my DMs the other day. Imagine being 34 & still using the words D** & T** to talk to somebody 🤦🏽‍♂️ Don't worry mate it will all be over soon enough #6DaysLeft #EubankSmith," Eubank posted on Sunday.

Chris Eubank Jr, Liam Smith
Image: Eubank Jr vs Smith is on live on Sky Sports Box Office from Manchester on January 21

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Liam Smith admits he would 'struggle' to cope with a defeat against Chris Eubank Jr - The Gloves Are Off is coming soon on Sky Sports!

See the full exchange of the direct messages, verbatim, below:

Smith: "Boss BANTS, crazy d**."

Eubank: "It may seem like banter now...but once that bell goes & the cooking actually begins you won't be laughing, trust me."

Smith: "I can't f****** wait, don't you worry."

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Eubank: "Medium or well done?...Bloody it is then."

Smith: "Are you that nervous that ur still trying to get under my skin."

Eubank: "I was under your skin long before this mate, everyone sees it."

Smith: "Chris if that's what you think, your way off mate. But let's just wait and see. We're here now, not long to go."

Eubank: "It's what I know along with everyone else. You ain't fooling anybody with your silly little laughs...people see right through that s***. I'm in your head...accept it like your going to have the accept the cooking you are about to receive in a couple of weeks time."

Smith: "Your hoping your in my head haha you couldn't get in my head, your not clever enough. Your a game hungry t**. Like I have told u before, I can't f****** wait, trust me."

Eubank: "You slid in my DM's then claim I'm not in your head. A delusional fool if I ever saw one."

Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Smith is on Saturday January 21, live on Sky Sports Box Office. Book it now if you are a Sky TV subscriber or a Non-Sky TV subscriber. Buy tickets here.

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