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Tommy Fury vows to destroy YouTuber boxing - KSI is next, then Jake Paul rematch!

Tommy Fury intends to continuing beating YouTubers-turned-boxers like Jake Paul; he expects a fight with KSI to be made next; Fury also anticipates a rematch with Jake Paul being set afterwards; "I want to end YouTube boxing within 12 months. That's my plan," Fury declares

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Ahead of his proposed fight with KSI, Tommy Fury has called YouTube boxing 'a joke' and vows to put an end to it within 12 months

Tommy Fury has vowed to destroy the influencer boxing scene in 12 months.

Fury, a Love Island contestant and the brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, has already beaten Jake Paul.

His next target is KSI and he expects that bout to be made.

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Jake Paul claims the heavyweight scene is 'annoying' while he says the Tommy Fury rematch will happen

"Everybody knows what's next for me, it's being teased at the minute. Hopefully we can get this KSI fight over the line and I'll knock off another YouTuber," he told Sky Sports.

Fury intends to continue beating YouTubers who venture into the sport.

"That's my plan for this year. I want to end YouTube boxing within 12 months. So that's my plan. So we'll see," Fury said.

"I don't know. I just take it one fight at a time. All these guys are the same to me. There's not one that stands out from the rest. They're all about the same. So anyone can get it. I'm not bothered. I'm used to, growing up fighting against proper boxers. These guys are a bit of a joke."

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Fury was at York Hall on Friday to support his brother Roman Fury, who was having his second professional contest.

Viddal Riley, a pro fighter with a YouTube presence, is rematching Anees Taj on that card, live on Sky Sports.

Tommy Fury does not, however, regard Riley as a potential opponent.

"All due respect to him but he's not a big enough draw. At the end of the day who is he outside of boxing? He's not really anybody. He's got no global pulling power. He can't do any pay-per-views," Fury said.

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UFC heavyweight Tom Aspinall and Tommy Fury training partner believes the cruiserweight could become a world champion with time on his side

"Viddal's fighting a lot lower than me. Say what you want about opposition but I'm fighting at a world championship level - I'm doing millions of pay-per-view buys with all these big names. I'm not going to be foolish and drop down and fight Viddal Riley."

He does expect a rematch with Jake Paul to happen.

"I've said my hitlist. Jake Paul's already been struck off, KSI is next," Fury declared.

"Then from what I've seen the other day Jake Paul wants it again in February. Listen, I'm happy. I'm happy keep these fights rolling in."

Watch Viddal Riley, Caroline Dubois, Frazer Clarke and more live on Sky Sports Action or Sky Max from 7pm

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