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Savannah Marshall: 'Against Claressa Shields I get one shot to change my life. That's all I need'

Fighting Claressa Shields on September 10 is the moment Savannah Marshall has been waiting for her whole career; "I'm constantly thinking about this fight. I can't think of anything else," she says; Watch the historic Shields vs Marshall event live on Sky Sports

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Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall come face-to-face ahead of their undisputed world middleweight title clash.

Savannah Marshall can’t stop thinking about beating Claressa Shields.

The two rivals fight for the undisputed world middleweight championship on a historic card at the O2 Arena in London on September 10.

Hartlepool's Marshall, already the WBO belt-holder, wants to lift all four of the major titles in her division and has been visualising a victory over Shields.

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Claressa Shields explains why she dislikes Savannah Marshall and how the 31-year-old is one of her 'biggest haters'.

"Non-stop," she said. "I'm constantly thinking about this fight. I can't think of anything else. This is a chance for me to change my life. Come September 10 my life will never be the same again and I only get one shot. So this is why I'm training the way I am. This is why I'm preparing the way I am. And that's all I need, just one shot.

"I cannot wait. I've been waiting for this since I turned pro," she added. "I've waited for this for five or six years and now it's here. Now it's coming and the weeks are just flying and I wouldn't have it any other way."

She scoffed at Shields' claim that she didn't want this fight. "I've given up trying to crack that girl, she contradicts herself so much. What says I don't want this fight when the date's set, I'm in training camp? What about that says I don't want this fight?" Marshall responded.

"She's a big question mark, let's just leave it at that."

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Marshall does believe that Shields won't cope well with a loss. "She can't handle defeat. I beat her 10 years ago [as amateurs]. She says it doesn't bother her but when someone is asking, she's going, 'She never beat me!' So I'm thinking, your body language, your tone of voice is saying different. No, she's not going to take this loss well. She didn't take the first one well, she's not going to take the second one well."

The Briton does, though, have a grudging respect for Shields, one of the first women to win an Olympic boxing gold medal and a multi-weight champion as a professional.

"What she's done for the sport is unbelievable. I said that at the presser and she was pulling all the faces. She can listen if she wants, she can dismiss it if she wants," Marshall said.

"There was Nicola Adams, Katie Taylor and Claressa Shields, all Olympic gold medallists. They've given us what we've got now in the professional world."

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Savannah Marshall's trainer, Peter Fury, is predicting an exciting 50:50 fight between Marshall and Claressa Shields.

Shields refers to herself as the "GWOAT" (the greatest woman of all-time). That's one title Marshall won't be taking on if she does win on September 10.

"If I was ever to walk about saying that, I know for a fine fact my friends would slap me. That's for other people to call you," Marshall said. "If I ever call myself that in an interview, please terminate.

"Is she my cup of tea? No she's not. She's just not my vibe."

The biggest fight in the history of women's boxing - Claressa Shields vs Savannah Marshall - is live on Sky Sports on Saturday, September 10. Be part of history and buy tickets for the London showdown here.

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