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Floyd Mayweather Jr exhibition fight vs John Gotti descends into mass brawl after ref waved bout off early

Facing John Gotti III, who turned professional last year, Floyd Mayweather Jr's latest exhibition fight was scheduled for eight two-minute rounds, but descended into a mass brawl after referee waved off the fight in sixth round

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Watch the exhibition bout between Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III erupt into a mass brawl after the fight was waved-off by the referee due to ongoing 'trash-talking and abusive language'.

Floyd Mayweather Jr's latest exhibition bout ended in chaos, as the fight vs John Gotti III was halted early and both fighters and their respective camps engaged in a mass brawl in Florida.

Since retiring in 2017 after defeating UFC's Conor McGregor in a cross-sport bout, Mayweather has taken part in several exhibition fights against the likes of Logan Paul, Deji Olatunji and Aaron Chalmers.

Facing 30-year-old Gotti III - the grandson of organised crime boss John Gotti, who turned a professional boxer last year - the exhibition fight was scheduled for eight two-minute rounds, with no judges assigned.

In front of a Florida crowd heavily in favour of Gotti, the start to the fight was delayed as Mayweather's security team had to clear people out of his corner, before the 46-year-old proceeded to dominate and toy with his opponent in the ring.

Indeed, such was the mismatch that both fighters were warned for trash talking and abusive language used mid-rounds by referee Kenny Bayless ahead of the sixth, with Gotti capable of not much else in the face of Mayweather's speed and technical ability.

The sixth round saw more of the same in terms of trash talk and rough tactics, however, causing Bayless to wave off the fight, and prompting Gotti to charge at Mayweather in what began a brawl.

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Crazy scenes saw personnel from both camps storm the ring and throw several punches amid a mass of bodies, before Gotti and Mayweather were escorted out, and further fighting both inside and outside the ring continued, with pleas over a mic from Mayweather's team asking fans to leave the venue without further violence.

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